Cave Garg

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Cave Garg
Cave Garg.png
Appears inMarooned on Mars - Galaxy mod
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat5

The Cave Garg is a big brown Garg that is found in Marooned on Mars - Galaxy mod, and is the only creature in the mod that does not originate from the original Keen 1, and instead a creature from another game.

The Cave Garg is only encountered in the Secret City, on Normal and Hard difficulties. It takes the place of a Garg that was in the top-right of the level in the original Keen 1. It walks around, takes a nap when it reaches its nest, wakes up, and it repeats the actions until Keen stuns it by shooting the Cave Garg 5 times.

The Cave Garg is a Little Ampton replacement.

A frozen Cave Garg on the hunt