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Appears inAtroxian Realm
UsableOnce per level
ActivationBy touching
Checkpoint unchecked by Keen in the Murky Marsh.
Checkpoint used, so Keen no longer needs to consult his ComputerWrist and can wholeheartedly concentrate on upcoming challenges.

The Checkpoint is a new improvement in Galaxy Mods in general.

It first made an appearance in the Keen 4 mod Atroxian Realm created by Gridlock and programmed by Lemm.

Unlike the other Commander Keen games (including all hitherto existing mods), where you needed to pause the game and return to the main menu in order to manually save it, these checkpoints allow you to save the game during the level. But these checkpoints are temporary, as they stop working when Keen loses all of its lives.

The official help text states:

Keen can now reach checkpoints in levels. When you see a hovering flag with a 'K,' just touch it to activate the checkpoint. If you die during the level, you can restart from the checkpoint.

Beware, however. If you run out of lives and reach a game over, you'll lose all of your level progress and have to start that level over.

Checkpoints can only be used once per level, and only the most recent checkpoint is counted. Use your checkpoints carefully! Don't be afraid to save one for later.

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