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Initial release
Latest update2011-05-12
Development statusBeta
PlatformWindows XP, 7-10, Linux via Wine
Tool TypeTile Properties Editor
Engine(s)Keen:Galaxy, Keen:Dreams
DownloadGalactile v.4.0 newest

Galactile is a Windows-based GUI Keen:Galaxy tile properties editor written by CK Guy for the Win32 platform. It is the successor of CK Guy's Ck456Tli.


There are three things needed beforehand:

  • a TileInfo resource dump,
  • a standard bitmap of the background tiles (18 tiles per row),
  • a standard bitmap of the foreground tiles (also 18 tiles per row).

For the TileInfo resource dump, you will probably be starting with one of the Keen?.tli included in download package. For the two bitmaps, probably the easiest way to get these is to use ?TIL0000.BMP and ?TIL0001.BMP exported with ModKeen or KeenGraph.

First Startup

Start up the program. In the first dialog box select the TileInfo resource file you want to edit. In the next window, open the background tile bitmap and finally the foreground tile bitmap.

It's recommended to immediately save the project to a new file.


To edit the properties of a tile, click on it in the pictures of the tiles. An enlarged version will appear in the top portion of the program. (For foreground tiles, an enlarged version of the mask will also appear.) Use the arrow keys or the mouse wheel to scroll.


For background tiles, you can edit the animation properties. To specify what tile this tile animates to, right-click it in the tile selection panel. If a tile animates, the target tile is outlined in a double red border. Note that tiles can only animate up to 128 tiles before them and up to 127 after them. With the spinbox you can change the amount of time spent on the tile while animating (0 to 255 time units).


For foreground tiles, you can also edit the animation properties the same way like mentioned above. Besides that you can also edit several other properties.

Above the enlarged pictures of the tile and its mask is a dropdown menu where to select the properties of the top of the tile. Similarly, the dropdown menu below lets select the properties of the bottom of the tile. Pushing in the buttons to either side signify that Keen (and other sprites) cannot enter the tile from that side. (Note that these are almost always set or cleared together. One-way tiles do not work as well in Keen:Galaxy as they do in Keen:Vorticons.)

Off to the right is another dropdown menu, which changes special properties of the tile.

Lastly, when the “FRONT” button is pushed in, it means that the tile appears in front of Keen and other sprites rather than behind them.


For both background and foreground tiles, pressing ESC resets the properties to their previous values.

Pressing F1-F4 copies the current tile’s properties to internal clipboard 1-4, respectively.

Pressing F5-F8 pastes the properties on clipboard 1-4 to the current tile. Holding one of F5-F8 down as you drag the mouse around, applying the properties to many tiles quickly.

Pressing F9-F12 pops up a dialoge box displaying the contents of clipboard 1-4.

  • Note: the target tile for animation is stored as a relative offset to the target tile. This means that when copying the properties from tile A and paste them to tile B, the target animation tile of tile B isn’t the same as that for tile A, but it is the same relative tile.
  • Note: there are not different kinds of clipboards for the background and foreground tiles—when copy/paste a background tile, only the animation and timing properties are affected/used, the other properties of the clipboard are unchanged/ignored.

To save the file click either “Save” to save to the current file, or “Save As” to save to another file.


To use the TileInfo resource in your own Keen game, you can patch it into memory by putting one of these lines into your CKPatch script file:

%patchfile $249C2 <filename.tli> # for Keen 4
%patchfile $25B22 <filename.tli> # for Keen 5
%patchfile $25212 <filename.tli> # for Keen 6
%patchfile $1FC46 <filename.tli> # for Keen Dreams
  • Note: these are for Keens 4, 5, and 6 version 1.4, Keen Dreams version 1.13. These are the standard versions for all modding in Keen:Galaxy, just as version 1.31 is the standard for Keen:Vorticons. If you must know, the offsets for Keens 4, 5, and 6, version 1.0, are $23742, $24B12, and $23DE2, respectively. Modding from versions other than 1.4 (1.13 for Dreams) is not recommended.

Flag Values

Here are the various flag values recognized by the program:

TopFlag values

Value Purpose Comments
$00 Fall through
$07 Bottom > Top
$06 Bottom > Middle
$05 Middle > Top
$04 Top > Bottom
$02 Top > Middle
$03 Middle > Bottom
$11 Flat top with pole
$09 Deadly Can’t land on in God mode
$39 Fuse (Keen 5 only)
$21 Giant switch (on) (Keen 6)
$29 Conveyor belt (Keen 6)

BottomFlag values

Value Purpose Comments
$00 Jump through
$01 Flat bottom
$04 Bottom > Top
$02 Bottom > Middle
$03 Middle > Top
$07 Top > Bottom
$06 Top > Middle
$05 Middle > Bottom
$11 Pole going through
$21 Giant switch (off) (Keen 6)

MiscFlag values

Value Purpose Comments
$00 No special properties
$01 Pole
$02 Door Also entry to Miragia in (Keen 4)
$03 Deadly
$15 100 points
$16 200 points
$17 500 points
$18 1000 points
$19 2000 points
$1A 5000 points
$1C Neural stunner
$04 Collect 100 to get 1UP
$1B 1UP
$0F Switch for bridges (Keen 4 & 5)
$12 Bridge Keen (Keen 5 & 6)
$05 Switch for moving platforms (off) (Keen 4 & 5)
$06 Switch for moving platforms (on) (Keen 4 & 5)
$11 Sprite path arrow (Keen 5 & 6)
$07 Red keygem holder
$08 Yellow keygem holder
$09 Blue keygem holder
$0A Green keygem holder
$0B Top water entrance (Keen 4)
$0C Right water entrance (Keen 4)
$0D Bottom water entrance (Keen 4)
$0E Left water entrance (Keen 4)
$10 “Moon” floor tile (Keen 4)
$20 Keycard door (Keen 5)
$21 Elevator on map (left side) (Keen 5)
$22 Elevator on map (right side) (Keen 5)
$1F Little Ampton computer (Keen 5)
$14 Teleport entrance (Keen 5 & 6)
$13 Active zapper (top) (Keen 6)
$1E Inactive zapper (Keen 6)
$02 Top of Fire (Keen Dreams)
$7F Top of Exit Sign (Keen Dreams)