Keen Static

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Keen Static
Keen Static.png
Mod-ingame-Keen Static.png
Modded episodeKeen 1
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
HomepageCrazyKeen's Commander Keen Site
Number of levels16
Secret levels1
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?No
New sounds?No
New music?No
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Keen Static is a Keen 1 mod by CrazyKeen. The mod is simply made by mixing some of the Keen 2 and Keen 3 files with the Keen 1 files, which results in having the tiles and bitmaps being scrambled graphics and the sprites being the ones from Keen 3. It is notable for being the very first Keen mod with different graphics, predating even the release of ModKeen. Besides the graphics, nothing inside the mod has been changed.


As it is taken from the website with some of the grammar corrected:

After defeating Mortimer in Keen 3, Billy Blaze was heading to home, just as he passed a planet that is entirely made out of static. He decided to investigate the planet. He landed his rocket on the planet, took a look around, and saw a box of maps. He took one, and followed the map to the nearest thing that looked like it could be inhabited. It was a city. Billy went into the city and heard a voice "You are an unwelcome intruder to the planet of Staticate. You will perish.", he ran to the nearest hut. A small creature was tied up in there, "Help us," said the creature, "The Staticons are taking over our planet. Save us!!!" Billy straightened his helmet. "This," he said, "looks like a job for....Commander Keen!!!"