Killer Rabbitoid

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Killer Rabbitoid
Appears inShadowKeen1
Harms Keen?Not directly
Shots to defeatImmortal

Despite their stupid name and odd appearance Keen knows not to mess with these robotic rodents. Invented by the demented Dr.Proton and now perfected by Mortimer McMire they are indestructible, faster moving and shoot spinning blades! They are to be avoided at all costs. Funny how Mort got the plans though… Blades are shot by the Killer Rabbitoids, Keens plasma gun should take care of it, IF you can hit it in time! They will only shoot Keen if they can identify him as an enemy. If he disguises himself as a Killer Rabbitoid they won't harm him in any way.

This is the Tank Robot replacement in ShadowKeen1. The graphics are borrowed from the Duracell Bunny of Duke Nukem 1, thus the reference to Dr.Proton.