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Modded episodeKeen 1
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Latest update2012-09-07
HomepageThe Mortuary
Discussion(s)Keen: Modding: first release
PCKF: remake by Levellord, remake by Captainkeen
Number of levels32
Secret levels2
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?No
New music?No
Remake by Levellord
Remake by Captainkeen
(2 votes)
Other mods in this seriesShadowKeen2,

ShadowKeen1, also known as A Shadow over Dune, is the first mod in the Shadow Keen mod trilogy by Levellord. It is divided into two sub-mods, each one using its own graphics and levels, except for the worldmap level. Both tilesets consist of mainly ripped graphics from various Apogee games, including Duke Nukem and Bio Menace.

Levellord released a remake in honour of Commander Spleen's birthday on September 25, 2005. It features remade graphics, level design changes and other additions. The second part is given the new title Spaceman Spiff in The Rabbit Rescue and stars Spaceman Spiff rather than Keen.

On September 7, 2012, Captainkeen released a remake of the first part of the original ShadowKeen1 with modified levels.

Technical Information

  • The mod is divided into two parts which are setup and run using DOS batch files; each one may contain different levels and graphics
  • Tileset: 2 tilesets, mostly ripped graphics
  • Sprite animation frames: 2 sprite sets, complete; some sprites are recoloured graphics of Duke Nukem
  • Miscellaneous bitmaps: 1 set, complete, new
  • Story text: partial continuity to Shadow Keen 2 and 3
  • Levels: 30 regular levels, 2 bonus levels, 2 secret levels; 1 shared worldmap
  • Tools used (incomplete list): ModKeen 1.0, CKPatch, TileInfo, Fin2Bmp


Commander Keen has previously had many adventures involving Mortimer McMire (see Episode X or Norp the Yorp for details.) but things have been quiet lately.

Currently Keen is studying the life forms of the planet Dune. This planet has an unusually high magic activity and Keen is interested in developing new technology incorporating magic. Keen was examining the purple vegetation near his ship when suddenly a blue creature emerged from the undergrowth. Reactign quickly, Keen fired off several shots and dodged the razor sharp blade heading toward him.

“Bravo bravo.” Said a familiar voice. "I shouldn't underestimate you like that." "Coming from someone who had his butt kicked by a Yorp of course." Replied Keen. "That is past history Keen... I just stopped by to tell you I have gathered the wind potions and used them to make an invincibility draught. As soon as testing is over I will be invincible! Ha, ha, ha, ha!" cackled Mortimer McMire.

Keen looked at the fallen creature with confusion. He recognized it as closely resembling the "Killer Rabbitoids" he had faced (among other much more dangerous techbots) in the Mercury mines of Dr. Proton. Keen knew not to mess with these comical looking creatures, as they were looks aside designed to kill human resistance.

"Don’t look too closely moron!" crackled the robot "This unit is still perfectly functioning!"

A short fight later and Keen had to admit the robots were indeed indestructible, or close to it. He had however dispatched it with a sonic grenade. Looking into his Encyclopaedia Universia (of which he was co-author) Keen found the following: "The four wind potions of the planet Dune when combined will make one invincible to all but severe physical damage; the potions are sealed away in flasks scattered over the planet"

"Well then", said Keen. "Another day, another mind-blowing adventure."

Version History

Two different versions of this mod were released in 2004. They can be identified by the files setup in their directory and by the title screens. The first version features both bonus levels and all the files can be found in a FILES subfolder. The second release is devided in two folders named PART1 and PART2. Also this release is missing the two bonus levels. Moreover the levels have been changed in the second release. A lot of hazards were removed to make the game less unfair, some times an extra exit has been added to the levels to make certain areas voluntary. However, in both releases Episode B suffers from major bugs that make it impossible to pass certain areas. Both releases are patched, so you can't even pass these points through cheating.

The remake released by Levellord in 2005 features improved and new graphics, modified levels, altered and new enemies and sound effects from Perilous Pursuit. The story of the second part has been changed, now Spaceman Spiff from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip is the protagonist. He is given the ability to use antigravity boots, which is achieved through patching of the pogoing behaviour. Like the previous releases, the remake is not without bugs. For example, the teleporters of the world map in the first part don't work properly, making it impossible to access all levels of the mod. As the map clipping effect of God mode is disabled, the game cannot be finished without editing the patch file.

Captainkeen's remake released in 2012 comes with modified levels and is based on the original ShadowKeen1 rather than the 2005 remake. It only includes the first part.


Killer Rabbitoid
Shadow Being
Pit Pit


The planet Dune abounds with valuables; toys traded with mars fruit and gems. Some objects may be impossible to get so don’t let greed blind you.

Green fruit: 100 Pts

Football: 200 Pts

Alien chicken: 500 Pts

Magic gem: 1000 Pts

Sapphire: 5000 Pts

Keens weapon is the modified Martian pistol. Firing two parallel blasts, it will slice an enemy in half.

Laser rifle: 10 Lasers

Level Tips

Levellord has provided some level tips with this mod. They may be needed to know what to do in certain levels.

The Map: Teleporters are hard to see, don’t do the castle level until you have three potions, potions are found: 1.)In the level by all the rocks after the 1st teleporter, 2.) In level 2 near the exit. 3.) In the water city. 4.)In the big red castle. The secret level teleporter is in the second level Keen sees, underground.

Level 1: Jump until you find a pogo.

Level 2: There is an entrance to a big underground passage near the beginning, don’t enter it until you get the potion.

The Castle: You can stand above the arrows, careful climbing the tower, only carry 1 grey key, a secret is in the clouds.

The Water Cave: Stay in the shallows, things hide in grass, arrows will show you safe water.

Ice Mountain: Don’t stand where the statues do, use your pogo, save yourself grief and jump up through the purple bridge (mind the holes in it.), under the mountains is solid, jump over the pits don’t pogo, go up for a big reward.

The Bug Building: The bugs won’t trap you, rush through all the doors at once to kill them.

The Big Cave: Ground under trees is solid.

The Spike Level: Climb the tree at the beginning (It can be done.), retract the bridge to send all those sprites to a watery end, there is a big secret after the bridge.

Big Building: Yes you can get past all those obstacles.

Flit Town: Go to the levels upper left corner, shoot a lot.

The Water City: Get the potion then get out.

The Cliffs: Stay low at the beginning.

The Castle: You CAN kill the sprite.

Level Maps

Spoiler Warning! This shows the whole levels. The levels shown here are from the first part of the first released version of the game. There are some differences in the second release and the remake by Captainkeen, mainly less monsters and hazards. Levellord's remake features significantly altered graphics and also changes to the level design.

Episode A Levels

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