Norp the Yorp 1

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Norp the Yorp 1
Mod-ingame-Norp the Yorp 1.png
Modded episodeKeen 1
ProtagonistNorp the Yorp
Release date
Number of levels19
Secret levels1
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?No
New music?No
(3 votes)
Other mods in this seriesNorp the Yorp 2,
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Norp the Yorp 1: Inside Mortimer's Computer is a Keen 1 mod released by Xtraverse. The game centers around the Yorp, Spot, whose real name is, according to the game, Norp.


The Oracle Coucil members picked Commander Keen up in their spacepod to bring him to the weekly Galactic Senate meeting. This week there was a controversy over custody of a pack of ramen noodles between some poison slugs. Norp, Commander Keen's pet yorp that he picked up way back in the Vortcion trilogy, thought that it sounded a little more interesting than the issues from previous weeks. Norp used to be named Spot, but found that a boring name and got it legally changed.

Norp decided that this was the week he would go on his vacation to Mars and visit all of his old yorp friends. Billy had convienently left behind his Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket and his pogo stick, so Norp knew that this would be a fun vacation.

Norp took off, but when he got to Mars, all he saw was a barren wasteland with one factory pumping out smoke in the distance. Yorp carcasses were everywhere. He approached the factory and saw what he least would've wanted to ever see: A massive red M on the side --- that meant Mortimer McMire was here! Mortimer was Commander Keen's evil arch-nemisis who tried to blow up the universe back in Episode X. He had an IQ of 315, one higher than Commander Keen, which was why he thought himself superior to everyone in the universe.

Norp knew he had to do something. He landed and stepped outside his ship with Commander Keen's pogo stick, breathing in toxic fumes that the factory was putting out. He rushed to the first door into the factory he saw, which opened into a small room with a computer and a door with a "Men" symbol above it. He heard Mortimer talking to himself through that door. Glancing at the computer, he saw the words "FACTORY CONTROL: TOXIC FUMES, PROCESSING PLANT, YORP CONFINEMENT, SLAVE CONVERTER." He approached the computer hoping to try and sabotage the settings, but the moment he touched the keyboard, he heard a sound like a million people saying "shlop" and was suddenly inside Mortimers computer, one millionth of his original size.

Norp applauded himself for being such a moron and forgetting there would probably be a security system. At least Commander Keen's pogo was still with him, in mini version. Norp knew that he would have to find the data controlling this factory, because he had to set his race free.

Mortimer has created an extremely powerful computer to run his factory that is turning Mars into his home base. There are four vital chips for the factory, and without them, the toxic fumes will disappear, the horrible robots and machines that Mortimer is building will fall apart, the yorps will be freed, and Mortimer will not be able to turn anything else into a mind-slave of his. Mars will return to its original state.

About Mortimer's Computer

Inside Mortimers computer isn't just a bunch of circuitboards and transistors, many gargs and yorps that Mortimer has converted into slaves have been shrunk into the computer to patrol the circuits. Mortimer found that that they could function with just feet and eyes, so their bodies are zapped away by the mind-slave beam to be used as raw materials for his factory. In addition, there are small worker bots that are constantly working on new memory modules, but these are mostly harmless.

More dangerous are the security hovercrafts that fire at intruders and especially the slave-tribesmen that Mortimer has plucked from Mars's hidden jungles. Mortimer has even developed a serum that he gave to three tribesmen, making them so powerful that even a falling block of stone may only delay them slightly. Luckily, one of them accidently drank the rest of the serum Mortimer owned and ate the paper with the recipe on it. Mortimer did not have a backup.

To retaliate, Norp will have to use his inborn special talent: spitting highly powerful eyeballs at his foes. Every piece of eye candy Norp eats gives him five eyeballs to spit.



  • Norp the Yorp 1 - Computer Chips.png
    Computer Chips
    Chips required to finish the game.
  • Norp the Yorp 1 - Eye Candy.png
    Eye Candy
    Five extra shots.
  • Norp the Yorp 1 - Gems.png
    Gems used to unlock doors.
  • Pogo Stick.png
    Pogoing allows reaching otherwise inaccessible places.


Technical Information