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Initial release
Development statusFinished
PlatformCLI (Windows XP, 7-10, Linux, Mac OS X)
Tool TypeText Editor
DownloadLNAMES newest
LNAMES Keen 6 level entry texts.

LNAMES is a simple tool by Levellass to create a patchfile containing new level names and entry texts for the Keen Galaxy series.

How to use

LNAMES Keen 6 level name texts.

Simply run the executable to create a patchfile containing the level names and entry texts you desire.

Level names and entry texts are entered into the two *ENTER.TXT and *NAMES.TXT files included with this download.

A single name or entry text is included per line. The map (Level 0) is first, then level 1 and so on.

Lines will crash the game if too long. To 'chop up' a level name in the game use a _ character instead of a space between two words.

The program will warn you if you exceed the game's capabilities and abort. This shouldn't happen unless you start to push what the game can handle. If so there are creative solutions for the problem (for example, do you really need to start every level entry with Keen does such-and-such? Doing without five extra letters could gained for every entrance)

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