Larvae Lagoon

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Larvae Lagoon
Larvae Lagoon.png
Game[[Game::Atroxian Realm]]
Level number4
LocationLagoon of the Krisle
Dimensions183 x 77 tiles
Total points119,100
Total ammoUnknown"Unknown" is not a number. + [[Available ammo::12 x Neural Stunner]] individual shots
Extra lives4
Song[[Atroxian Realm Music|"Larvae Lagoon"]]
A map of the Larvae Lagoon
In-game screenshot: Keen shelters from Larvacs and Larvbats.

Larvae Lagoon is the fourth level of Atroxian Realm, a Keen 4 mod by Gridlock.

North of the river crossing at Murky Marsh is a body of water, in the center of which is a tree-covered island that is home to an immense living organic structure. This place is known as the Larvae Lagoon. A cavernous system of caves and underground water pools, this slimy labyrinth is where the Larvbats breed and raise their young. These flying creatures infest this place, and their larval offspring can be seen hanging from the ceiling and walls in differing stages of metamorphosis. Keen will even have to fight a crawling cocoon version of these larvbat offspring called a Larvac. A few Dartfrogs make their home around the cave entrance, and the Atroxite can occasionally be found deeper below ground.

The Larvae Lagoon is a wild and natural place with some hidden tunnels and secrets, and Commander Keen will need to explore his way through in order to continue on his way to stop the Atroxian threat!


There are a total of 119,100 points here distributed as 44 Lemon Drops, 6 Quadpops, 19 French Fries, 9 Kabobs, 6 Sphere Mints, 12 Choc-Lover's Cones, 13 Rainbow Snowcones (4,400 + 1,200 + 9,500 + 9,000 + 6,000 + 24,000 + 65,000 = 119,1000). The number of Sparks is 131 and there is one 3-UP Hyper Star hidden in a secret area.

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