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Boobus Bombs are weapons used in Keen Dreams against Boobus Tuber. This page covers patches relating to non-sprite aspects of Boobus Bombs. Since Boobus Bombs are a variation of Flower Power sprite related patches (Those that relate to Bombs as sprites, their appearance in levels and how they behave.) can be found on the Flower Power page. Non-sprite related patches (Things such as the number needed to defeat Boobus and windows relating to them in the game.) are on this page.

See also Patch:Boobus Tuber. Patches that relate to the Boobus Bomb as and after the player has thrown them can be found at Patch:Keen's shot (Dreams) and Patch:Keen shooting (Dreams). Patches dealing with the Bombs as collectable items can be found on the items page.

What levels Keen can fire Boobus Bombs in

By default Keen can only fire Bombs or Flower Power, not both at the same time. There are two aspects to this, what counter is used to determine if Keen can shoot, and what sprite is produced, Flower Power or Bomb. (It is thus possible to let Keen shoot Boobus Bombs using Flower Power he has collected.)

By default the deciding factor is which level Keen is in; in the boss level, 15, he will shoot Boobus Bombs. If this is changed then it is possible for Keen to shoot both Flower Power and Bombs in the same level depending on circumstance. There are no less than five different aspects to this.

The first is whether Keen's scorebox shows the Bomb tiles instead of Flower Power; this only changes when the screen is refreshed (Dying, winning a level or going to the menu). The second causes the scorebox to show the number of Bombs, this can change instantly. The third relates to shooting and causes the game to check Keen's Bomb counter instead of Flower Power counter, it also causes the throwing Bomb sound to be played and Keen to lose a Bomb when he shoots. The fourth changes Keen's projectile to look like a Bomb instead of a Flower Power and the fifth causes the landed projectile to become a sitting Bomb instead of just vanishing.

Keen Dreams

#What levels Keen fires Boobus Bombs in instead of Flower Power
%patch $5EF8 {$8F3EW} [$0F] {$75} #Show bomb tile in scorebox
%patch $6192 {$8F3EW} [$0F] {$75} #Show bomb count in scorebox
%patch $6378 {$8F3EW} [$0F] {$75} #Use, decrease bomb counter when shooting
%patch $6461 {$8F3EW} [$0F] {$74} #Projectile looks like bomb
%patch $6934 {$8F3EW} [$0F] {$75} #Landed projectile turn into bomb

Can't defeat Boobus window

When Keen tries to enter Boobus' Chamber he may be presented with a window telling him he can't defeat Boobus with less than 12 bombs. There are two checks made when Keen tries to enter a level, first the game checks if the level is Boobus' chamber, then it checks if Keen has less than 12 bombs. If both are true the window appears and Keen cannot enter the level.

It is possible to make the window appear on multiple levels, effectively sealing them off until the player gets the required number of bombs. It is also possible to change what is looked for to things like lives or keys.

Notice that the map sprite is not the same as the level; in Keen Dreams level entrances are sprites like enemies and as such a level's entrance sprite is two more than its level number. Thus Boobus' Chamber is level 15, but has map sprite 17. (It is thus possible to place a sprite on the map which isn't a level entrance but will still trigger the message. The brown value is a game stat, the $7x bytes are jump conditions.

Keen Dreams

#Map sprite that activates message:
%patch $6A50 [$11] {$75}

#Number of bombs needed to enter Boobus' level
%patch $6A55 {$711EW}  [$0C] {$7D}

Keen Dreams

#Can't defeat window:
%patch $6A60 [$0006W] #Window height (6 chars)
%patch $6A64 [$001AW] #Window width (26 chars)
%patch $6A75 [$16CEW] #Text read from:
%patch $2513E "You can't possibly"		$0A
               "defeat King Boobus Tuber"	$0A
               "with less than 12 bombs!"	$00

Don't display Bombs near message

This patch stops the defeat message appearing meaning that players will not be notified if they don't have enough Bombs to defeat King Boobus.

Keen Dreams

#Don't display not enough Boobus Bombs message
%patch $6A4E $EB $40

Window has a different border

It is possible to make certain windows use a different set of 8x8 tiles for their border. This patch is on the 'text windows' page.

Boobus Bombs Near window

This window appears when entering a level that has Boobus Bombs in it. See also Patch:Text patches Note that the window's width is 80 pixels, not simply 8- letters wide.

Keen Dreams

#Bomb window
%patch $4C1C [$0001W] #Window height (1 char)
%patch $4C20 [$000AW] #Window width (10 chars)
%patch $4C2C [$06A5W] #Text called from

%patch $24115 "Boobus Bombs Near!" $00

Don't display Bombs near message

This patch stops the bombs message appearing meaning that players will not be notified if a level contains Boobus Bombs.

Keen Dreams

#Don't display Boobus Bombs message
%patch $4C07 $EB $32

F10 I Cheat

Keen gets 99 Boobus bombs when he uses the Patch:F10 I Cheat.

Keen Dreams

#Amount of stuff the items cheat gives you:
%patch $382F {$711EW}  [$0063W] #Bombs

Items cheat doesn't affect bombs

This patch stops the items cheat affecting Boobus Bombs. None will be given or taken.

Keen Dreams

#Items cheat doesn't affect bombs
%patch $382D $EB $04

Bomb is a 10'000 point item

This patch alters the Boobus Bomb so that it behaves like an item. The first blue value is the item got sound. The second value is the number of points the bomb is worth; in this case $2710 or 10'000. Note that this patch relies on the Key got code; altering that will affect the bomb as well.

Keen Dreams

#Boobus Bombs is 10K point item
%patch $7787 $B8 [$0007W]  $50 $9A $10BB1282RL     $44 $44 $C7 $44 $20 $00D1W
             $B8 [$2710W]  $50 $9A $044D090ERL     $44 $44 $EB $1F