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This page deals with patches for the pogo as an item in Keen 1-3. For patches dealing with how Keen acts when he pogos see Patch:Keen pogoing (Vorticons) and Patch:Keen pogoing (Galaxy). For whether or not keen has a pogo (and other things) when he starts the game see Patch:Game start. See also Patch:Items, Patch:G O D Cheat.

This page does not contain patches for Keen Galaxy as the pogo appears as an item only in Keen Vorticons.

What pogo tile gives\sets

These patches relate to what the pogo tile gives the player when touched. Patches that SET a value are like the C T Space cheat; whatever Keen has before, it now is SET to value x. Patches that GIVE will ADD something to what he has. In the default game the raygun tiles GIVE, the pogo tile SETS. This can obviously be changed.

Amounts are colored blue and item bytes are colored brown. Changing the amount given obviously changes how much a pogo tile gives\sets Keen. Changing item bytes will change *what* it gives Keen. By changing these you can make the pogo give shots, an extra life, remove all of Keens shots, remove his *pogo* or even let him skip a level.

Note that some patches look like they can be altered this way, but due to the way they work, can't. These patches are kept plain green. They also tend to be slightly unstable and may lead to crashes, though this hasn't been reported yet.

Keen 1

#Pogo SETS {shots} to [5]
%patch $44AB  $C7 $06 {$AAC8W} [$0005W]

#Pogo GIVES [5] {shots}
%patch $44AB  $83 $06 {$AAC8W} [$05] $90

#Weird stuff (Patches may be unstable)
%patch $44AB  $C9 $06 {$AAC8W} $00 $00 #Finnish level, give all keys and the battery
%patch $44AB  $CE $06 {$AAC8W} $00 $00 #Kill Keen, but give him whiskey and a key
%patch $44AB  $9F $06 {$AAC8W} $00 $00 #Two keys, battery and whiskey, exits level
%patch $44AB  $5F $06 {$AAC8W} $00 $00 #Kills Keen, but without the death sprite.
%patch $4F36  $60 $00                 #Getting a pogo exits the level and loses a life

Keen 2

#Pogo SETS {shots} to [5]
%patch $7293  $C7 $06 {$9ADEW} [$0005W]

#Pogo GIVES [5] {shots}
%patch $7293  $83 $06 {$9ADEW} [$05] $90

#Weird stuff, (May be unstable)
%patch $7293  $7E $06 {$9ADEW} $00 $00 #pogo tiles disappear when touched (No sound, nothing given)
%patch $7293  $C9 $06 {$9ADEW} $00 $00 #pogo exits level. (Level can be done again)

Keen 3

#Pogo SETS {shots} to [5]
%patch $7AD6  $C7 $06 {$9D48W} [$0005W]

#Pogo GIVES [5] {shots}
%patch $7AD6  $83 $06 {$9D48W} [$05] $90

#Weird stuff, may be unstable
%patch $7AD6  $7E $06 {$9D48W} $01 $00 #Pogo tiles disappear when touched, without ANY other effects (Even sound!)
%patch $7AD6  $C9 $06 {$9D48W} $01 $00 #Pogo exits level (For level 16, wins game.)

Pogo got sound

This is the sound the pogo tile makes when it is 'got'; by default sound 10. It is also the sound the raygun makes when got. It is possible to make the pogo use the exit sound, separate from the raygun sound.

Keen 1

#Pogo\raygun sound
%patch $44B2 [$0A]

#Pogo GIVES [5] shots and uses the exit sound
%patch $44AB $C6 $06 {$9ADEW} [$0005W]

Keen 2

#Pogo\raygun sound
%patch $729A [$0A]

#Pogo GIVES [5] shots and uses the exit sound
%patch $7293 $C6 $06 {$9ADEW} [$0005W]

Keen 3

#Pogo\raygun sound
%patch $7ADD [$0A]

#Pogo GIVES [5] shots and uses the exit sound
%patch $7AD6 $C6 $06 {$9D48W} [$0005W]

Pogo and raygun use different sounds

In Keen Vorticons the pogo and raygun use the same sound code. This patch alters things so that they now use different sounds. (In this case the pogo's sound is set to $0020W, the same as the keycard.) This allows the two items to be differentiated. This reorganizes the code however and is incompatible with the above sound patches as well as any patch that alters how many ammo\pogo the raygun and pogo tiles give.

The first brown value is the ammo variable, the blue $05 is how many are given. The second brown\blue values are for the pogo. The final blue value is the pogo got sound. The raygun got sound code is not affected.

Keen 1

#Raygun and Pogo have different sounds
%patch $45AC $449AW $44A1W

#Change code for two sounds
%patch $449A $83 $06 {$AAC8W}  [$05] $EB $10 $C7 $06 {$AA9AW}  [$01] $B8 [$0020W]  $50 $EB $09


Pogo plays lightswitch sound, pauses game and wins the level

This patch causes the game to briefly pause when the pogo tile is touched, along with playing the lightswitch sound. The level is then exited and won. The pause length is the first blue value while the sound is the second. The brown value is the level state variable that is set to 1 or 'win the level'.

This patch, and the other patches in this section are incompatible with all other $0AF2 using patches.

Keen 1

#Change pogo tile pointer
%patch $45AE $0AF2W

#New pogo tile code
%patch $0AF2 $B8 [$0001W]  $50 $E8 $B5E9W  $44 $44 $B8 [$0019W]  $50 $E8 $B3F1W
             $44 $44 $C7 $06 $6C60W  $0001W  $E9 $3A6BW

Pogo gives extra life if 100 is collected

This patch makes the pogo behave in a similar manner to the Raindrops, Vitalin and Vivas from the Keen Galaxy games. The value after the second $B8 sets what sound plays when collecting the item. (Note that the sound should be a higher priority than the "collecting ammo sound", otherwise it won't play!)

Keen 1

#Pogo stick gives extra life if 100 is collected
%patch $44AB $E9 $C644W  $E8 $7A42W
%patch $0AF2 $83 $06 $AA9AW  $01 $83 $3E $AA9AW  $64
             $72 $12 $83 $06 $AAC6W  $01
             $C7 $06 $AA9AW  $0000W  $B8 $001CW
             $50 $E9 $399EW  $B8 $001DW  $EB $F7