Sqeek Kid

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Sqeek Kid
Sqeek Kid.png
Appears inThe Sqeek Battle
Harms Keen?No, but stuns
Shots to defeat1

Sqeek Kids are the youngest of all of the Sqeeks that have been encountered in the entirety of the Revenge of Mortimer trilogy, appearing only in The Sqeek Battle. Unlike their older counterparts, Sqeek Kids lack whiskers and a tooth. They also wear a diaper and are shorter than all of the other Sqeeks.

Some of them are found being taken care of by other Sqeeks, others are in school being taught by a Sqeek Mom, and others have been found by themselves. In the ending picture, a short Sqeek is seen next to Keen in the right, whom could possibly be a Sqeek Kid.

Sqeek Kids are Youth replacements.