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Initial release
Development statusFinished
Tool TypeCompatibility Tool
Discussion(s)K:M Discussion Thread
DownloadTEDSetup v.1.2 newest
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TEDSetup is a utility by Andrew Durdin that allows modders to take a clean copy of Keen Galaxy and make it compatible with TED5 for level editing. (Thus the name of the utility, setting up for TED5.) This is accomplished by decompressing the GAMEMAPS.CKx file and extracting a number of other files.

All files are either written using hardcoded data or are extracted from the keen executable from a hardcoded location. EGA Keen 4-6 v1.4 are the only versions supported by TEDSetup.

Files extracted\ created

  • EGADCT.CKx The huffman dictionary used to decompress graphics. Extracted.
  • EGAHEAD.CKx Graphics header used with external EGAGRAPH.CKx. Extracted.
  • GFXINFOE.CKx Graphics information file used by TED5 to read graphics. Created.
  • MAPTEMP.CKx Decompressed (Decarmackized) GAMEMAPS.CKx file, editable levels.
  • MAPTHEAD.CKx Header for decompressed maps. Header read from game and used to decompress gamemaps, new header then written.
  • TED5INFO.CKx TED5 status file (Position in level, planes used\visible...) Created.

When being run TEDSetup requires the game executable file to read data from. This file must be UNLZEXE'd and the right version or nonsense will result.

Like TED5 itself, TEDSetup is being phased out in favor of windows based level editors that may one day be able to extract clean gamemaps files themselves.

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