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Perhaps we could get Benvolio to translate the story for the Wiki? This is the best Google Translate can do:

~ Bunny Basher 2 ▼
~ - ▼
Benvolio ~ New Game ▼

long 's : ÇüéâäàåçêëèïîìÄ

Bunny is smart coinçn Basher . Å chrêga hero , and thinks that in
He has a duty to save the world . The right , however . NCL
crêga any other coinçn enough to be dhåanamh . They are fools formhêr
The gcoinçnç in limiståir Bhunny .

Chrêgacht already shown in a stray in mBunny Basher 1 ( from Båarla ) , when
put in the chase and crowd feirmeoirç madraç , and they want
delete chênaithe place .

Now , a new problem has come in front of Bunny Basher . Feature men want
thêgàil ugly apartments in limiståir Bhunny parks . Scandal is the
chåad this class . Bunny knows that destroyed his native place . NC
The idea that the thaitnçonn .

Tap in which men dhåanamh to stop . There are four phàipåar
têgàla ceadënas hidden by certain farmers . The farmer are
åagsula places hidden in his land. Bunny must fåachaint in
sheds, homes, and farm gcrênna , to find the pàipåar .

Pàipåar must be central in the stealing, snatching , and to him .
Then , the farmer will be able nc any development on the land dhåanamh
Bunny chênaçonn farmer .

There are other areas feirmeoirç than this selfish man . Avoid them .
Also, there are wild ainmhç , dteastaçonn not from anything other than food .
Avoid them .

          FORWARD YOU ! ! ! ! ! ▼

 uy Bunny Basher says : ▼
 Ou " are the silent me that ▼
      ▼ smarter than me
      choinçn Ordinary ! "

-- DHeadshot (talk) 00:44, 11 February 2014 (GMT)