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Appears inThe Morticore
Harms Keen?Not directly, yes with lasers
Shots to defeatImmortal
Keen jumps over a Toreser's laser.

Toresers are short guard robots encountered in the Keen 1 mod The Morticore.

They are cyan, with two blue legs, one red eye, a little gun in their top, and no arms. They are very rare robots, with one of them appearing in level 13, and two of them in level 15. No Toresers are found elsewhere. They march around the Blugoi, looking for intruders, and sometimes stopping to shoot a deadly laser that can not only wipe out Keen but also robots that Keen can take out.

The in-game story text states:

Guard robots that lack arms but have a gun in their top, their design is unique for having their head and torso mixed into one.

…although Mustacalars and Sholakas share the same kind of design too.

Toresers are Tank Robot replacements.