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Born in Ukraine in 1978, Maxim immigrated to Israel at age 12, when he began inventing card and board games long before his first computer. During the 90s he became a fan of (now retro) video games with their pixelated charm, became huge fan of Commander Keen series. Maxim has made games and mods since 2005. He made his first games on CliK&Play and later Game Maker, then discovered the Doom modding community, contributing to Skulltag and ZBlud. His main focus is spriting and art. "WolfTC for Doomsday" project gradually led to him to focus mainly on Wolfenstein 3D modding, and he released many big mods as a leading member of Team RayCast (like Operation Eisenfaust: Legacy), with others currently in development. He participated in the Commander Keen modding project Keen Meets the Meats. Also is the main spriter of "WolfenDoom - Blade of Agony" GZDoom mod, is credited also in such big Doom mods as "Brutal Doom" and "Project Brutality". Have received world media attention in 2010 due to (now cancelled/revised) "SonderKommando Revolt" Wolfenstein 3D mod thematic controvercy.

My Mods

Commander Keen mods

Keen Meets the Meats

Wolfenstein 3D mods


Operation Eisenfaust : Origins

Batman versus Bane

Batman - No Man's Land


Operation Eisenfaust - Legacy

Green Arrow

Time to Kill - Eisenfaust Edition

Spear of Destiny Extreme 1

Spear of Destiny Extreme II

Doom mods (member of development team in art department)

WolfenDoom - Blade of Agony


Project Brutality