Keen Meets the Meats

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Keen Meets the Meats
Keen Meets the Meats.png
Mod-ingame-Keen Meets the Meats.png
Modded episodeKeen Dreams
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Latest update2015-05-21
Discussion(s)PCKF: development
April Fools' demo 1
April Fools' demo 2
full version
Number of levels16
Secret levels0
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?Yes
New music?No
alternate version
April Fools' demo 2
April Fools' demo 1
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Keen Meets the Meats is a Keen Dreams mod by DoomJedi, Szemigi, Levellass, troublesomekeen, and VikingBoyBilly. Its title is taken from the planned sequel of Keen Dreams that never went into production.


The story involves Keen awakening in a prison cell on the planet Grund-Bief after he got a stomachache due to too much fast food during his sister's birthday party. Keen has been snatched by an Abduct-o-Beam of the organization known as McZargalds, MZ for short, which is led by the Mad Butcher, serves tenderized children and has lax hygiene standards. Not only that, the food on Grund-Bief is so putrid that it has gained sentience.

The protagonist is initially unarmed, but soon finds a weapon called Ultra-Spicy Arcturian Megameatballs that allows him to reduce enemies to piles of ashes. However, to defeat the Mad Butcher, he has to obtain an even more powerful weapon, namely thousand-year old Bloog Eggs. Keen must explore Grund-Bief to find the necessary Bloog Eggs so that he can confront the Mad Butcher and rewire the Abduct-O-Beam to save the Earth once again.

Release Info

The production of the mod was announced in September 2013. The first demo version with one level came out in 2015 as a belated Mort Day release. It was soon followed by a slightly modified demo on April Fools' Day, where Keen is changed into a creeping sausage. Another April Fools' demo was released in late April, which already reflects a more advanced state of the mod in terms of graphics. In that "censored edition", Keen is nude, but a certain part of him is covered by a censor bar. The finished mod was made available in May.

Map of McZargalds

Evolution of the Titlescreen

Creatures and other meatifications

Some of the creatures below are new and do not replace anyone.

Tater Trooper replacement
Broccolash replacement
Manic Weenie.png
Manic Weenie
Skreedish Meatball.png
Skreedish Meatball
Tomatooth replacement
Quarter-Ton Zargburger with Cheese.png
Quarter-Ton Zargburger with Cheese
Pea Brain replacement
Frenchy replacement
Fowl Meat.png
Fowl Meat
Sour Grape replacement
Mach Pizza.png
Mach Pizza
Squasher replacement
Walking Liverbug.png
Walking Liverbug
Apel replacement
Melon Lips replacement
Asparagusto replacement
Black Pudding.png
Black Pudding
Crazy Little Chef.png
Crazy Little Chef
The Mad Butcher.png
The Mad Butcher
King Boobus Tuber replacement