Elder Caraanae-Augustrus Krislen

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Elder Caraanae-Augustrus Krislen
Elder Caraanae-Augustrus Krislen.png
Appears inAtroxian Realm
Harms Keen?No
Shots to defeatImmortal
In-game screenshot: Elder Caraanae-Augustrus Krislen and his council.

Caraanae-Augustrus Krislen is a character in Atroxian Realm, a Keen 4 mod by Gridlock.

Elder Caraanae-Augustrus Krislen is the leader of a race of bird-like aliens that call themselves the Krile. For a long time, Elder Krislen has been a fair and just ruler to his people in Kridonea City. That is, until the realm of Atroxian robots began to spread across the planet and destroy all that the Krile race had built over centuries. When Kridonea City began to fall to the robots, Elder Krislen and his council retreated to the safety of The Great Ziggurat to plan a way to defeat them. The Elder asked his trusted advisor, Cyraaun Kriuus Llquo, to send a distress signal out to the galaxy in the hopes that someone might help save the planet.

Days later, they watched as a bright fireball suddenly streaked across the night sky, burning through Krisle's atmosphere and eventually landing in the southern swampland. A spaceship had come, but the robots had shot it down! Cyraaun Kriuus Llquo was sent to the crash site to search for survivors, and after tense waiting he returned with unbelievable news. Someone had survived the crash and was willing to help, and that someone was none other than the legendary Commander Keen! Elder Krislen was overjoyed to hear the news, but he knew he couldn't risk leaving the safety of the Ziggurat. He would have to wait, and hope Commander Keen was tough enough to survive the perils of the Atroxian Realm so they could meet.

The in-game help text states: The elder leader of the Krile, he has taken refuge in a secret room in the Great Ziggurat. He will help you complete your journey.

Caraanae-Augustrus Krislen is a Princess Lindsey replacement.