Cyraaun Kriuus Llquo

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Cyraaun Kriuus Llquo
Cyraaun Kriuus Llquo.png
Appears inAtroxian Realm
Harms Keen?No
Shots to defeatImmortal
In-game screenshot: Keen meets Cyraaun Kriuus Llquo near the BWB Megarocket Crash Site.

Cyraaun Kriuus-Llquo is a character in the Keen 4 mod Atroxian Realm by Gridlock.

After crash-landing on Planet Krisle, Commander Keen crawls from the wreckage of his BwB Megarocket and is immediately greeted by a strange bird-like being wearing an ornately decorated black robe. This being introduces itself as Cyraaun Kriuus-Llquo and begins to tell Commander Keen of the robot invasion taking place on Krisle, thus starting Keen on his quest to defeat Atroxus.

Much of the story of Atroxian Realm is narrated by this character, who is a respected Krile scientist as well as adviser to Elder Caraanae-Augustrus Krislen, the Krile leader. Cyraaun and Keen first meet at the BWB Megarocket Crash Site, where the being informs Keen what he must do to stop the Atroxian invasion and save Planet Krisle. Cyraaun then takes refuge in the secret Crystal Sanctuary with other members of the Krile. After Keen destroys Atroxus, Cyraaun Kriuus-Llquo is encountered once more, congratulating and thanking Keen as well as presenting him with a new Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket so that Keen can finally return home to Earth.

The in-game help text states: This member of the Krile, the native inhabitants of Planet Krisle, sets Keen on a journey to stop the Atroxians. You may meet him elsewhere, too...

Cyraaun Kriuus-Llquo is a Princess Lindsey replacement.