Emerald City

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Emerald City
Emerald City.png
GameKeen 1
Level number7
LocationLight Side of Mars
Dimensions128 x 64 tiles
Total points38800
Total ammo1 Raygun1 ammopack <br />1 VorticonHyperPistol <br />1 Pistol <br />1 SuperFlowerPower <br />1 NeuralStunner <br />
Extra lives0
Map of Emerald City

This level name is unconfirmed. If you know of the correct name, please discuss it on the talk page before renaming it.

The Emerald City is the seventh level in Keen 1. It is a big level, built out mostly by green (or emerald) bricks. It is full of hazards (fire, and mostly plants: spike, strangling and Pat Pats). Its green-ness may come from the abundance of plants. It may also be some sort of greenhouse, or the equivalent of a Martian park.

There are also some strange Martian devices on the background (crystal cases and antennas), and it features the first yellow tunnel found on the game (the Red Maze City is full of them). It features all the known Martians and their robots.

The word "Hi" is written in SGA with lollipops just above Keen's starting position in this level (see also Keen 1 Easter eggs).

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