Keen 1 Levels

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This is a list of all the levels in Keen 1. Only levels marked as such have official names.

Overhead Map

Main Levels

Border Town.png
Level 1: Border Town
First Red Rock Shrine.png
Level 2: First Red Rock Shrine
Level 3: Treasury
Capital City.png
Level 4: Capital City
Pogo Shrine.png
Level 5: Pogo Shrine (official name)
Second Red Rock Shrine.png
Level 6: Second Red Rock Shrine
Emerald City.png
Level 7: Emerald City
Ice City.png
Level 8: Ice City (official name)
Third Red Rock Shrine.png
Level 9: Third Red Rock Shrine
First Ice Shrine.png
Level 10: First Ice Shrine
Fourth Red Rock Shrine.png
Level 11: Fourth Red Rock Shrine
Fifth Red Rock Shrine.png
Level 12: Fifth Red Rock Shrine
Red Maze City.png
Level 13: Red Maze City (official name)
Second Ice Shrine.png
Level 15: Second Ice Shrine
Vorticon Commander's Castle.png
Level 16: Vorticon Commander's Castle (official name)

Secret Levels

Secret City.png
Level 14: Secret City (official name)