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GameKeen 1
Level number3
LocationLight Side of Mars
Collectibles[[Has collectible::
Car Battery.png
Car Battery]]
Dimensions81 x 53 tiles
Total points37200
Total ammo1 Raygun1 ammopack <br />1 VorticonHyperPistol <br />1 Pistol <br />1 SuperFlowerPower <br />1 NeuralStunner <br />
Extra lives0
Map of the Treasury

This level name is unconfirmed. If you know of the correct name, please discuss it on the talk page before renaming it.

Treasury is the third level in Keen 1. It is a medium sized level, and contains a lot of lollipops. It also contains the first Vorticon Guard found on Mars.

Its layout is fairly open, and it requires Keen to get a yellow keycard, in order to get the red keycard to open the door protecting the exit. It is populated mostly by Yorps.

This level contains one of the missing parts from Keen's ship, the Car battery.

Because the level is (unofficially) called "Treasury", and there is nothing that resembles money throughout the level, it is quite possible that candy is used as a type of currency by the Martians.

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