Third Red Rock Shrine

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Third Red Rock Shrine
Third Red Rock Shrine.png
GameKeen 1
Level number9
LocationDark Side of Mars
Dimensions44 x 40 tiles
Total points4200
Total ammoUnknown"Unknown" is not a number. + 00 FlowerPower <br />0 PistolShot <br /> individual shots
Extra lives0
Map of the Third Red Rock Shrine

This level name is unconfirmed. If you know of the correct name, please discuss it on the talk page before renaming it.

The Third Red Rock Shrine is the level number 9 in Keen 1. As all shrine-levels, the layout is pretty simple. It is a little bigger than previous shrines, and it has an outside area, before entering the shrine itself. There is a lone Garg guarding the shrine. It also features a yellow door that has to be opened in order to gain access.

There is a message in this level which is displayed when the player touches the statue of a Yorp. The message is:

A voice buzzes in your mind: There is a hidden city. Look in the dark area of the city to the south.

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