Kridonea Gateway

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Kridonea Gateway
Kridonea Gateway.png
Game[[Game::Atroxian Realm]]
Level number
LocationKridonea City
Dimensions195 x 86 tiles
Total points111,800
Total ammoUnknown"Unknown" is not a number. + [[Available ammo::14 x Neural Stunner]] individual shots
Extra lives
Song[[Atroxian Realm Music|"Kridonea City"]]
A map of the Kridonea Gateway.
In-game screenshot: Keen meets a Beetlebone.

The Kridonea Gateway is a level in the Keen 4 mod Atroxian Realm by Gridlock.

The entrance to Kridonea City is guarded by the city's gateway, a large brick building consisting of endless hallways and corridors which eventually lead to the acidic sewer system that runs under the city. This place is a large maze with many secrets, dangers and dead-ends, and can be quite difficult to navigate. Atroxians and Atroxites lurk in a few areas, several Krile Sentries stand guard against intruders, and deep within the sewers lies a voracious new threat known as Beetlebone. If Keen can survive the many perils of the Kridonea Gateway, he will at last find his way to the gruesome ruins of Kridonea City, where the Great Ziggurat awaits.

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