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Hej, I'm D. Christensen, and I'm from Denmark
I'm A modder going by the Alias: Zilem
I've been modding Textures & Skins since Summer 2006. and sprites since 2011
and have made bunch of mods both PG-12 and AO Rated, for more then a handful of games (25).
While most my content being Textures, there is no small amount of them.

The Alias Zilem is made up by the Danish word for "Slem", which means Naughty
about 1½ months after i found out it was a real Male name...
but i kept it as i got known under it and it means something to me (about my personality), maybe you've figured it out? ;p

A few of the Games that i have Modded:
World of Warcraft: Character skins and Custom Character skins
Terraria: Player and NPC sprites (apparently know as a Monster Girl mod in Japan...)
Stardew Valley: Character sprite with Skirt
Starbound: Character facial expressions, body tweaks and Unique designs for male and Female clothing & armors

Commander Keen Mods:

Cdr. Kylie: Invasion of the Vorticons v1.2 - Play in Browser
Cdr. Kylie: Goodbye Galaxy v1.6 - Play in Browser
Kylie Dreams v1.0 - Play in Browser

Cdr. Kylie 7: "The Keys of Krodacia" *Requires: The Keys of Krodacia
Cdr. Kylie 8: "Dead in the Desert" *Requires: Dead in the Desert
Cdr. Kylie 9: "Battle of the Brains" *Requires: Battle of the Brains
Cdr. Kylie 9½: "The Eight Accumulators" *Requires: The Eight Accumulators
Cdr. Kylie in The Terror from Outer Space *Requires: Commander Keen - The Terror from Outer Space
Cdr. Kylie in Marooned on Mars *Requires: Marooned on Mars - Galaxy mod

Kylie © Zilem
Paige © Zilem
Kylie @ PCKF

Bio Menace Mods:

Bio Menace: Jessica Viper v1.0

Jessica Viper © Zilem

Character Bios:

{Spoiler Ahead!}
If you want to include the Character in a Mod, you should know whom they are before you do.

She is Becky (Billy's younger sister), but from a Different timeline in the future and somehow ended back in an alternate past
She's been light on information about the future, but a certain event that caused Mortimer to twist into pure Evil
Commanding relentless attacks throughout the known Galaxy for several years
with Admiral Keen & the Galactic Defense force (Majority made up from the Vorticons and Allied Rebels)
Desperately trying to hold against the endless tides of Mortimer's forces, to last just one more day. in a Doomed future...

She doesn't recall how it happened... but she somehow found herself on Mars in the year of 1990, when Keen first explored Mars
She eventually found and paired up with Keen and helped him recover the missing ship pieces for BwB Mega-rocket
while also briefing the Younger Keen about that the Voricon enslavement situation.

(Paige is Page Girl, i know Cheesy, but "Flower Girl" which is the girl equivalent of "Page" in British English didn't fit her)
She is a Reflection of Page come to Life
When Page bared himself and ventured out into the shadowlands to Prove he wasn't an Idiot or Coward as Keen alluded to.
He came across a strange Mirror in Miragia, while trying to do he's best impersonation of Keen
But He Sighed (as he wasn't as brave as Keen) he heard a jiggle and found he's reflection in the Mirror waving at him
Braving this bizarre turn events he steeped up to the Mirror only to have the hand of he's reflection grab he's wrist
and in quick reaction (mostly panic) Page jumped back which pulled he's reflection out from the Mirror.
which frightened him that he ran back to the Elders, with her right after him as a shadow.

Unlike Page, Paige for the most part is silent but will speak up if she thinks someone is rude to him.
Paige have a deep affliction for Page and enjoy he's company, but he doesn't understand as he isn't fond of Hugs nor kisses.

and if someone had naughty ideas you can be sure it was Paige.