Atroxian Power Grid

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Atroxian Power Grid
Atroxian Power Grid.png
Appears inAtroxian Realm
ActivationNeeds to be deactivated by a Neural stunner shot.
In-game screenshot: The tall electric fence as seen on the map near Kridonea City.

The Atroxian Power Grid is a large electric security system in the Keen 4 mod Atroxian Realm by Gridlock.

It surrounds Kridonea City and consists of a tall electric fence surrounding the island on which the city is built, and a bridge leading into the Kridonea Gateway. Two powerful devices emit arcs of energy that reach across the bridge, preventing access (though they will not harm Commander Keen). These devices are powered by two large generators (One in the Atroxian Mines, and one in the Atroxian Base), and Commander Keen will need to find and destroy them to disable the bridge's security system.

After the Atroxian Power Grid is shut down, Keen will be able to get into Kridonea City and locate the Great Ziggurat where he can hopefully find a way to reach Atroxus and stop the Atroxian Realm from spreading across the planet!

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In-game screenshot: Keen destroys a power grid generator in the Atroxian Mines.