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Having recently defeated the Shikadi in Keen 5 and the Bloogs in Keen 6, Commander Keen is just settling down to have his favorite meal of the day (breakfast, followed by morning cartoons), when he receives information that he has just been very stupid.

It appears that a subspace anomaly has appeared above Earth and has caused technology to go haywire. Clouds have turned blue, radios are going crazy, phones ring randomly and morning cartoons are no more. This is more than Keen can bear, and, if the anomaly is not destroyed in a few hours, Earth will be obliterated. But what has this to do with Keen's stupidity?

Everything. By not destroying the Omegamatic when he had the chance. Now his old enemies have gathered against him, with the help of some new ones. The sacred Plasma Crystals have been mined on the Shikadi World and placed in the Omegamatic Warp Drive, which can destroy subspace stability. As per usual, Keen hops into his Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket and heads off toward the rebuilt Omegamatic.

Keen is now equipped with a Neural Ray Blaster, possibly related to his Neural Stunner. This gun has unlimited ammunition, though Keen can only shoot one bullet at a time. (He can also injure and/or kill enemies with his pogo; most creatures only being temporarily stunned by the blaster.)

There are three worlds he must visit and whose occupants he must defeat, the first is Fribbulus Xax, home of the Bloogs. (And strangely enough, Dopefish!) The second is the Shikadi home world and the third is Droidiccus Prime, home of Keen's newest foes and masterminds of the whole mess, the Droidiccus. However, after Keen has defeated these foes it is revealed that who else is behind it? Mortimer McMire.

There appears to be some confusion between the planets Fribbulus Xax and Gnosticus IV, many of the enemies found in the Shadowlands being found there, perhaps due to confusion by the developers.

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