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Flower Power are the main weapon used by the player in Keen Dreams. A variation on them are the Boobus Bombs used in one level to defeat King Boobus Tuber. Patches relating to aspects of Boobus Bombs, such as text displayed are on the Bomb's page.

Flower Power and Bombs occur as sprites in nearly all levels in Tuberia and can be picked up by the player. When thrown (in an arc) they will bounce off solid tiles and remain a short wile so the player can retrieve them, before vanishing. Patches that relate to the Flower Power and Bombs after the player has thrown them can be found at Patch:Keen's shot (Dreams). Patches dealing with the Flower Power as a collectable item can be found on the items page.

As a side note, it is possible to gain an infinite amount of ammunition using the duplicating flower pellets bug.

Flower Power don't vanish when hitting enemies

This patch makes it so that Flower Power do not vanish after stunning an enemy but continue on, where they can stun other enemies or be picked up.

Keen Dreams

#Flower Power don't vanish when hitting enemies
%patch $656B $EB $51

What levels Keen can fire Boobus Bombs in

By default Keen can only fire Bombs or Flower Power, not both at the same time. There are two aspects to this, what counter is used to determine if Keen can shoot, and what sprite is produced, Flower Power or Bomb. (It is thus possible to let Keen shoot Boobus Bombs using Flower Power he has collected.)

By default the deciding factor is which level Keen is in; in the boss level, 15, he will shoot Boobus Bombs. If this is changed then it is possible for Keen to shoot both Flower Power and Bombs in the same level depending on circumstance. There are no less than five different aspects to this.

The first is whether Keen's scorebox shows the Bomb tiles instead of Flower Power; this only changes when the screen is refreshed (Dying, winning a level or going to the menu). The second causes the scorebox to show the number of Bombs, this can change instantly. The third relates to shooting and causes the game to check Keen's Bomb counter instead of Flower Power counter, it also causes the throwing Bomb sound to be played and Keen to lose a Bomb when he shoots. The fourth changes Keen's projectile to look like a Bomb instead of a Flower Power and the fifth causes the landed projectile to become a sitting Bomb instead of just vanishing.

Keen Dreams

#What levels Keen fires Boobus Bombs in instead of Flower Power
%patch $5EF8 {$8F3EW} [$0F] {$75} #Show bomb tile in scorebox
%patch $6192 {$8F3EW} [$0F] {$75} #Show bomb count in scorebox
%patch $6378 {$8F3EW} [$0F] {$75} #Use, decrease, bomb counter when shooting
%patch $6461 {$8F3EW} [$0F] {$74} #Projectile acts like bomb
%patch $6934 {$8F3EW} [$0F] {$75} #Landed projectile turns into bomb


There are a number of sounds relating to the Flower Power (and Boobus Bomb.) Two identical sounds play if Keen does not have any Flowers or Bombs; two different sounds play when Keen throws a Bomb or Flower. Finally Bombs make a special sound when they detonate.

Keen Dreams

%patch $6385 $0E     #No Boobus Bombs sound
%patch $6393 $14     #Throw Boobus Bombs sound
%patch $63AF $0E     #No Flower Power sound
%patch $63BD $04     #Throw Flower Power sound
%patch $65A7 $15     #Boobus Bomb explode sound

#Don't make sounds:
%patch $6384 $EB $09 #Don't play No Boobus Bombs sound
%patch $6392 $EB $09 #Don't play Throw Boobus Bombs sound
%patch $63AE $EB $09 #Don't play No Flower Power sound
%patch $63BC $EB $09 #Don't play Throw Flower Power sound
%patch $65A6 $EB $09 #Don't play Boobus Bomb explode sound