The Universe is Toast (mod trilogy)

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The Universe is Toast (TUIT) is a mod trilogy created by Ceilick based off of the planned but unreleased official trilogy The Universe is Toast. The trilogy consists of three episodes, The Keys of Krodacia, Dead in the Desert, and Battle of the Brains.

The Keys of Krodacia

Main Article: The Keys of Krodacia
The Keys of Krodacia Title Screen

The Keys of Krodacia is the first of the three games in the series. The premise of the game is that Keen goes hom after rescuing Molly and investigates Mortimer McMire's Bedroom. He finds some shocking information- about a Universal Toaster Cannon! He travels to the faraway planet of Krodacia. He dicovers that the cannon is locked away by seven keys, scattered all across the planet...

The Keys of Krodacia is the first full Keen 4 mod, with new graphics, maps, music, and other stuff.

The game may be going under a revision soon; more information on this can be found on the Public Commander Keen Release Forum.

Dead in the Desert

Main article: Dead in the Desert
Dead in the Desert Title Screen

Dead in the Desert (DITD) is the second game in the series. The game begins immediately at the end of The Keys of Krodacia, with our hero warped by Mortimer McMire to a far corner of the galaxy on a small, desert planet called Calidune. This was done by Mortimer as a way to stop Keen from foiling his plot to destroy the universe. Thus, Keen warily makes a deal with a strange alien (who also thinks he is Commander Keen) in order to get off of the planet.

Dead in the Desert is the first full Keen 6 mod with new music, graphics and level design.

Battle of the Brains

Main article: Battle of the Brains
Battle of the Brains Title Screen

Battle of the Brains is the final game in the trilogy. The story continues where Dead in the Desert left off. After escaping the planet Calidune and being reuinted with his friends in the Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket, Commander Keen learns of Mortimer McMire's plans to destroy a giant star and incinerating the universe. He also learns that Mortimer has a space station containing several transporters which can be used to teleport to distant worlds and locations. One of these transporters is heavily guarded and believed to lead to Mortimer himself. Keen must travel to four different worlds in order to activate the controls which unlock the doors to the final teleporter so that he can stop Mortimer before the universe is toast!

Battle of the Brains is the first full Keen 5 mod.