Valden Park

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Valden Park
Valden Park.png
GameKeen 3
Level number4
LocationVorticon VI Vortiville Island
Dimensions200 x 46 tiles
Total points95900
Total ammo9 Pistol9 ammopack <br />9 VorticonHyperPistol <br />9 SuperFlowerPower <br />9 NeuralStunner <br />9 Raygun <br /> + 20 Pistol Shots20 FlowerPower <br /> individual shots
Extra lives0
Required?[[Required::No (provided the player goes through Lower Vortiville and New Vorticon)]]

Valden Park is the fourth level (in the official numbering) in Keen 3. Although this level has a sign at the beginning reading "Vortiville" there is already a level by that name so this level is named after the second sign instead, Valden Park.

Valden Park is an optional level, located in the Vortiville Island, in the Upper Vortiville area. This level is protecting a teleporter that goes to the Suburbs area of the New Vorticon Island. This level is part of one of the two optional paths to finish the game: the player can complete either this level in one path; or both Lower Vortiville and New Vorticon in the other path. After that, the only remaining required levels are those in the Island of the Grand Intellect.

Valden Park is probably only part of Vortiville, which is spread through the Vortiville island. This is the biggest level in the island, which means it is the central part of Vortiville. It has a small park where kids can play, and there is even a small school. What most villagers do not know is that there is a large fortress underneath it, manned mostly by VortiNinjas. The only way to enter the fortress is to jump in the waterfall. The population is estimated at 15 civilians and 5 military personnel. Wildlife such as Foobs and Meeps can be found in the parks.

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