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Blegd and Smeeg is a webcomic developed by Commander Keen fan Andrew Stoltzfus. Better known in the Commander Keen community as "Galaxieretter," Andrew started the comic late 2005. Unfortunately the comic didn't last long and was eventually abandoned by Andrew after only a few comics. The comic created a somewhat small fan base which eventually managed to prod him into restarting the comic in February 2007. Its future remains uncertain.


The story in Blegd and Smeeg revolves around a Yorp and a Garg who are stranded on earth to find the holy pogo stick. The comic is loosely based on the Commander Keen universe, using only slight references to the Commander Keen games. This is due to the fact that Andrew wanted the comic to be accessible to everybody and not just the fans of Commander Keen. Also he said that it was protection against any "cease and desist" order that may come from ID. The characters are are unique enough that a few name changes would suffice that the comic wasn't copyright infringement.

The ambitious comic was going to include many different aliens, both original and from the various Commander Keen games. Unfortunately the comic fell apart before any of these characters were introduced.

Main Characters


One of the two main characters of the series. Blegd is an idiotic Garg that was charged as being the thief of the Holy Pogo Stick. Blegd is the main source of comic relief within the comic itself. A counterpart to the ever cynical Smeeg, Blegd is very popular for her ignorant charm. Often times Blegd will do things that someone of a higher intelligence would not do or say, but always in a tasteful and comedic way.

There has been some confusion about the gender of Blegd. Most commonly thought of as male, Andrew specifically referred to Blegd as "she" quite often on his Deviant Art page, although the gender is never revealed in the comic itself. In fact, quite a few times it seems that Andrew specifically avoids using gender specific pronouns such as "She" or "He", and instead uses Blegd's name. This makes for some rather awkward sentences.


The other main character within the comic. Smeeg is a chronically depressed Yorp that, more often than not, acts cynical and sarcastic. Smeeg is the closest thing the comic has to a "straight man". Smeeg is substantially more intelligent than Blegd. Smeeg is the less popular of the two characters among fans, although it is Andrew's favorite character.

Smeeg is stuck on earth with Blegd because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. After Blegd was sentenced to exile on Earth by the Holy Monk Yorp, Smeeg accidentally followed Blegd into the spaceship that was going to take her to Earth.

Agent NYC

Not much is known about this character except for her name. Agent NYC only appears in a few comics before B&S ended. Only appearing with a "Gal". It is unknown what relation the two characters have with each other but it seems that Agent NYC cannot understand what the alien is saying. From various pictures posted on Andrew's Deviant Art site it seems that Agent NYC is an FBI agent and has the Gal as a pet.


About as much is known about "Gal" as is known about "Agent NYC." It seems that Gal is an alien that is not in the Commander Keen series. The Gal only talks in SGA and it is often hard to translate what is being said by the alien. Due to this, most readers skipped translating what the alien said.

From the pictures and comments on Andrew's Deviant Art site, it seems that "Gal", the first three letters of Andrew's alias Galaxieretter, is just a generic name for the species of aliens. It is impossible to determine what exactly a "Gal" is. Andrew drew pictures of Gal interacting with other characters of his that are not related to Blegd and Smeeg.

Supporting Characters

Holy Monk Yorp

The Holy Monk Yorp is an inside reference to Commander Keen fan Djaser. This reference went over many non Commander Keen fan's heads. The holy Monk Yorp is a light colored Yorp that wears a dark brown robe. It is unknown as to why Andrew decided to include the Holy Monk Yorp in the comic at all. It also is unknown as whether the Holy Monk Yorp is just another character or is supposed to be representative of Djaser himself.

The Holy Monk Yorp appears in only a few comic and sentences Blegd to her exile on Earth.

Yorp With Glasses

Nothing is known about the Yorp With Glasses. He appears to be the Holy Monk Yorp's personal assistant.

Various Yorps

In one comic various Yorps appear and mock Smeeg. It seems that they have known Smeeg for quite a while, although they all hate him. They all seem to be of lower intelligence than Smeeg. Especially a large Yorp that seems to be mentally retarded.

Human By Dumpster

There appears in one of the last comics, a human that Yells at Blegd and Smeeg for "blocking the dumpster.", mistaking them for little kids.

Unintroduced Characters

There seem to be quite a few unintroduced characters that were going to make an appearance in Blegd and Smeeg but never did. Among the species there is a Bobba, Korath, Foob and a Sprite.