Cargo Transit B

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Cargo Transit B
Cargo Transit B.png
Game[[Game::Atroxian Realm]]
Level number14
Dimensions237 x 72 tiles
Total pointsUnknown"Unknown" is not a number.
Total ammoUnknown"Unknown" is not a number. + [[Available ammo::6 x Neural Stunner]] individual shots
Extra livesUnknown"Unknown" is not a number.
Song[[Atroxian Realm Music|"Cargo Transit B"]]
A map of Cargo Transit B.
In-game screenshot: Keen zips through some travelators.

Cargo Transit B is an optional level in the Keen 4 mod Atroxian Realm by Gridlock.

On a small island just north of the Security Layer is a building known as Cargo Transit B. This is the second half of the Atroxian cargo transit system, materials from the Atroxian Mines are sent above ground via Cargo Transit A and eventually arrive here. Much like Cargo Transit A, This location is an industrial shipping center which is packed with storage crates and shipping machinery including Travelators. Unlike Cargo transit A however, this building is not littered with deadly spikes and traps, making it much easier for Keen to survive. Atroxians, Atroxites and Magmines stand ready for battle in a few places, and if Keen can solve the large puzzle in the lowest level of this building he will be rewarded with many extra lives!

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