Home A

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Home A
Home A.png
GameKeen 2
Level number8
LocationVorticon Mothership
Dimensions64 x 57 tiles
Total points57000
Total ammo9 Vorticon HyperPistol9 SuperFlowerPower <br />9 NeuralStunner <br />9 Pistol <br />9 Raygun <br />9 ammopack <br />
Extra lives0
Map of Home A

Home A is a level in Keen 2. It appears to be the Vorticon Mothership's crew quarters (or one of them, the other being Home B). There is the drawing of a house on the level as seen from the map.

The level layout is pretty simple, and Keen can finish it just jumping over a couple of holes and walking to the right, until he gets to the exit. However, if Keen goes down, there is a lot more to explore.

There are four distinct rooms in the lower parts of the level. The first is a room full of Stuffed Toy Vorticons and Youths; this is probably the Youths quarters. There is a lower room which seems to be the Vorticon Elite quarters, with three of them and several Vorticon HyperPistols lying around. In the lowest room, one of the two Vorticon Elders in the Vorticon Mothership can be found (the other is in Home B). There is also a fourth room filled with Candy Bars, Vorta-Cola cans, Hamburgers and Chocolate Cakes, patrolled by two Guard Robots. This room seems to be the dining room or food storage for the crew.

This level features the highest concentration of Vorticons in the episode: there are ten Vorticon Grunts, fourteen Youths, three Vorticon Elite and a Vorticon Elder, making a total of twenty-eight Vorticons in a single level.

When Keen touches the communications pad next to the Vorticon Elder, a message appears:

The Elder Vorticon in the stasis field says:

The wise Vorticon never jumps in the dark. In fact, even unwise Vorticons will not jump in darkness.

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