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This is a list of all the levels in Keen 5. The level numbers are used with the F10+W cheat and the text is what appears on the screen when Keen enters each level.

Overhead Map

Main Levels

A graph showing the order in which the levels must be played.
Ion Ventilation System.png
1. Keen investigates the Ion Ventilation System
Security Center.png
2. Keen struts through the Security Center
Defense Tunnel Vlook.png
3. Keen invades Defense Tunnel Vlook
Energy Flow Systems.png
4. Keen engages Energy Flow Systems
Defense Tunnel Burrh.png
5. Keen barrels into Defense Tunnel Burrh
Regulation Control Center.png
6. Keen goes nuts in the Regulation Control Center
Defense Tunnel Sorra.png
7. Keen regrets entering Defense Tunnel Sorra
Neutrino Burst Injector.png
8. Keen blows through the Neutrino Burst Injector
Defense Tunnel Teln.png
9. Keen trots through Defense Tunnel Teln
Brownian Motion Inducer.png
10. Keen breaks into the Brownian Motion Inducer
Gravitational Damping Hub.png
11. Keen hurries through the Gravitational Damping Hub
Quantum Explosion Dynamo.png
12. Keen explodes into the Quantum Explosion Dynamo

Secret Levels

Korath III Base.png
13. Keen faces danger in the secret Korath III Base

Inaccessible Levels

High Scores (Keen 5 Level).png
15. Keen unexplainedly finds himself by the High Scores

Nonexistent Levels

KEEN5BWB.PNG 14. Keen will not be in the BWBMegarocket