Thomas and Kael's Keen 1 Levelpack

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Thomas and Kael's Keen 1 Levelpack
Thomas and Kael's Keen 1 Levelpack.png
Mod-ingame-Thomas and Kael's Keen 1 Levelpack.png
Modded episodeKeen 1
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Number of levels14
Secret levels0
New gameplay?No
New graphics?No
New levels?Yes
New sounds?No
New music?No
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Thomas & Kael's Levelpack is a pack of 14 levels for Keen 1 released in 2001-12-29. It is one of the few levelpacks with a changed title screen level. Ice City and Red Maze City remain unchanged, as well as the map level.

Level Summaries

  • In level 1 you can get stuck when getting the Teddy Bear in the lower left corner of the level, and it features some trickery with fall-through blocks.
  • Level 2 uses the original title screen and story level design, an has the name Rebekah written with tiles.
  • Level 3 starts out with a fake exit like the original level 15, and like the original 3rd level has the Battery collectable.
  • Level 4 is unique choose-the-right-path level with a surprise Garg right at the beginning.
  • Level 5, the Pogo Shrine is still the place to get the pogo, and has a secret part similar to the original Pogo Shrine.
  • Level 6 is a shrine with a book on each block.
  • Level 7 is a big level partly resembling Red Maze City and Ice City. You need an Ice Cannon to pass this level.
  • Level 9 has tons of ammo and several Teddy Bears worth more than one life.
  • Level 10 is a small level consisting almost entirely out of ice and water with some ice cannons.
  • Level 11 has tons of ammo, but also lots of Vorticons.
  • Level 12 is a choose-your-path level, where every path leads to an exit, but to different amounts of bonus.
  • Level 14 is a long level with a door you shouldn't open and a Yorp air raid. You get the Everclear there.
  • Level 15 is a small level with extensive use of the visible fall-through blocks.
  • Level 16 is the main access to level 14. It begins with many optional rooms filled with monsters. You have to find all four keycards in order to get to the exit.


Technical Information

  • Graphics: Keen 1 graphics
  • Story text: Keen 1 story text
  • Levels: 14
  • Tools used: Unknown