Kidnapped Keen

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Kidnapped Keen
Modded episodeKeen 1
ProtagonistCommander Keen and Spot
Release date
Discussion(s)Keen: Modding
Number of levels16
Secret levels0
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?No
New music?No
(3 votes)
Other mods in this seriesZapping the Zot,
Return of the Guardians

Kidnapped Keen is a Keen 1 mod produced by Ceilick. The gameplay is unique in this mod as the player controls two characters, Keen and Spot (however, they move together, at the precisely same time, as they're the same sprite). It is the first part in the Decree of the Skree Trilogy.

Technical Information

  • Part of the Decree of the Skree Trilogy
  • Tileset: completely redone tileset
  • Sprite animation frames: All new monsters
  • Story text: new with continuity to Zapping the Zot
  • Levels: 16 regular levels; 1 worldmap
  • Bugs: No known errors or bugs


"Billy, Billy wake up." Billy Blaze, eight year old genious, slowely awoke from a heavy sleep. "Wha... Where am I?" said keen rubbing his head. "Ah, your finnaly awake." said Billy's pet yorp Spot. "Weve been kidnapped!" "What! How?" said billy looking around the small prison cell he and spot were in. "Its a long story, but this is what happened..." It was 10:00 at night, I was sleeping at the end of your bed like always. All of a sudden I was rudely kicked off the bed. I looked up from the floor and you were crawling out of bed. "Oh, billys sleep walking again." I thought. I decided to watch your strange behaviour instead of wakeing you up. You got out of bed, changed out of your pajamas into your clothes, and then grabbed your brothers football helmet. I followed you out the kitchen door and you started running around the back yard in your sleep. It was funny to watch you dodging invisible monsters and jumping from dream ghosts. Well you hadnt been running around for ten minutes when a ship materialised right in the middle of the lawn! Hooded figures jumped out and grabbed you! I tried to stop them, but not having any arms, i didnt do too well and they got me too! While on the ship I saw through the jail bars that our captors performed some strange experiments on you. The aliens called themselves the "Skree". When we landed on this planet, which I heard is called "Og", some new hooded figures took us and the "Skree" left this planet . Then we where thrown into this jail cell. "But who kidnapped us?" asked Billy. "I dont know." said spot. Just then, the small window on the jail door slid rustily open. Two red eyes glared in at Billy and spot. "Gret gup youg gragratic greagers!" "I know that alien accent..." said keen getting up off the floor. "Its the GARGS!!" he yelled as he pointed at the menacing creature waddling through the door. Billy yelled his war cry into the nasty Gargs face and instantly became...COMMANDER KEEN DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE!!! Thinking quickly, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his Teddy bear!! He said a quick apology to it and threw it in front of the Garg. Keen knew that no Garg could refuse a earth toy of any kind. The Garg jumped to the bear and began playing! Quick, now's your chance to escape!!


In order to get of the planet Og, one must use a Portal. The only way to do so is with the help of four "Gaurdians [sic!]" The four Gaurdians are collectibles.

Appearance Name/Description Effect Notes
Spy - This guy looks floats on energy waves. collectible
10,000 points
Spin - This gaurdian floats with a propeller. collectible
10,000 points
Spark - This guy has two electric antennae. collectible
10,000 points
Fog - This guy looks like a ghost. collectible
10,000 points
Skree Life Savers.png
Life Savers 100 points
Skree Sugar Berries.png
Sugar Berries 200 points
Skree Star Fruit.png
Star Fruit 500 points
Skree Purple Juice.png
Purple Juice 1,000 points
Skree Lolli Pop.png
Lolli Pop 5,000 points
Skree Gun.png
Skree Gun 5 ammo
Skree Keycards.png
Keys open doors


The Mod takes Place on planet Og. This planet is very similar to the Earth's moon.

Picture Name Shots Harmful Speed Replaces Description
Garg 1 Yes 60/220 Garg The Gargs have lived here a long time, just like mars. As everyone knows, Gargs love toys. The Skree have promised the Gargs all the Toys on Earth if they helped in taking over the universe. The Gargs readily agreed.
Grob 4 Yes 90/120 Vorticon Guard The most fierce inhabitants of Og are the Grobs. These are Green floating guys that look a little like ghosts. Be careful, they are mean creatures who especially enjoy attacking heroes and Yorps.
Tredop Immortal No 90 Butler Robot These creatures look dangerous but they mean keen no harm. They will push keen if he gets in their way though.
Octopod 1 No 60 Yorp Octopods are one of the most common creatures on the planet Og. They look similar to an octopus, but they are capable of walking on land, though not very fast.
Skree Guardbot Immortal No 90 Tank Robot These robots are designed and manufactured by the Skree. They patrol the several areas on the planet Og and are maintained on the Zot. They shoot small but deadly projectiles at any intruder.
Lingloll Immortal Tongue N/A Tile This strange looking fellow can be found on the planet Og. Its tongue length may vary. The Lingloll with the longest tongue may be found in Level13 of Kidnapped Keen. Keen can stand on its body, but beware of the tongue! The name is derived from the latin word for tongue, "lingua", and the expression "lolling tongue".

Level Maps

Spoiler Warning! This shows the whole levels.