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Commander Genius aka Clone Keen Plus is a Commander Keen open source port to different platforms such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS and several handheld devices (GP2X, Wiz, Dingux, iPhone, Android). The project started as a continuation of CloneKeen. The Commander Genius Team currently consists of the following people:

  • Developer and project manager: Gerstrong
  • Testing: Tulip, Hagel, Mancus Nemo
  • Port to Google Android: Pelya and Gerstrong
  • Resource administrator and main tester: Tulip
  • Port to Dingux, Nanonote: Zear
  • Research: Lemm

Since version 1.4 the Galaxy trilogy is supported including some mods like keen 7-9 unofficial. They will also eventually add all modification tools possible, making this the ultimate way to create mods of the original games as well. Also with the Dosbox fusion engine, which is Dosbox on steroids it will be possible to play any game on CG.

The DOSBox Fusion Engine Code has been removed due to requests of the main developers of the original project.

Since version 3.0 Cosmos the Cosmic Adventures (Episode 1-3) are fully supported as well.

High Quality Pack

A VGA Stuffed Toy Vortininja by Dreams.

As a special feature in Commander Genius it is possible to display high colour tilesets for Keen 1-6. The high colour tilesets were made by:

For Episode 1-6 there are remixed and special tunes for the background music.

Download link

Mod Support

These mods are playable with Commander Genius:

Vorticon Engine

Title Download As of Version Compatibility
A Christmas Mod full - No
Bad Dreams full Yes
The Perilous Pursuit full Yes
A Very Keen Christmas full Yes
Bazooka Wowbagger full 0.3.2 Yes
Clouds Unseen full 0.3.2 Yes
Comrade Keen full Yes
Crash on Gobo III full Yes (including remastered version)
Episode Dash full - No
Episode Null full 1.0 Partial
Episode X full 0.3.2 Yes
Episode Y full Yes
Episode Z full Yes
Keen 1 640x480 Redux full - No
Keen 0 full 0.3.2 Yes
Kidnapped Keen full 0.3.2 Yes
The Last Moon full Yes
Lego Keen full Partial
Patchwork Mod I full Yes
Patchwork Mod II full - No
Patchwork Mod III full - No
Planet Destruction full Yes
Vanished To Venus full Yes
Yorphius II full 0.3.2 Yes
Keen 1 Gold Edition [ full] 1.8 Yes

Galaxy Engine

Title Download As of Version Compatibility
Buried in Oblivion full 1.8 Beta Yes
The Perilous Pursuit full 1.8 Beta Yes
The Eight Accumulators full 1.9 Beta Yes
Keen Dreams Plus full 1.9 Beta Yes
Keen 4 Plus full 1.9 Beta Yes
The Keys of Krodacia full 0.4 beta 4 Yes
Dead in the Desert full 1.4 beta 1 Partial
Battle of the Brains full 1.2 Release Partial
The Grand Intelligence IV: Intelligent Intellect full 1.6.5 Release Yes

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