Episode Dash

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Episode Dash
Title XkyKeen3.png
Mod-ingame-Episode Dash.png
Modded episodeKeen 3
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Discussion(s)Keen: Modding: development, release
Number of levels16
Secret levels0
New gameplay?Yes
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?No
New music?No
(5 votes)
Map of The Forbidden Planet

Commander Keen Episode Dash, also known as XkyKeen3, is a Keen 3 mod by Xkylyr Rauh. The gameplay is unique from most mods since a timer that will kill Keen when it runs out is set in each level, meaning that he must complete each level as soon as possible while getting points on the way. The timer can be increased by collecting stopwatches.

There are three difficulties in the game, which can be accessed throughout different batch files. The difficulties affect how much time Keen starts with in each level, the point values, how much time is gained from each stopwatch pickup, and more.

Technical Information

  • Graphics: custom graphics by Xky Rauh
  • Levels: 16
  • Tools used: Unknown


It had been a long, long time since Mortimer had dropped any hints about his plans. Keen had already disabled ships, solved other races problems, and explored new territory--but all of the information he gathered pointed to what he already knew: Whatever it was Mortimer had in mind for the Universe, it hadn't come to fruition yet. So Keen decided to use the Photachyon Tranciever for something new...

Having spent countless hours skimming the space-waves with the Photachyon Transciever, Keen had come to know more than a few intergalactic gameshows. Often the only entry fee in these contests was the contestant's life--but the rewards were really incredible.

One show in particular stood out to Keen: The Forbidden Planet. Participants were dropped at one end of a lightly explored planet, and given a certain amount of time to reach the goal. Winners had their names steeped with fame and wealth.

If anything was likely to attract Mortimer's attention, it was the prestige and fame that came with conquering The Forbidden Planet!

Once he's dropped in the wilderness, the rules are simple:

  • Move fast: additional time is avaliable, if you can find it.
  • You are permitted to use your gun where necessary.
  • Often it is not possible to obtain ALL the points in a level--choose your route wisely.
  • After escaping the planet, highest score wins!

Good luck!

Level Maps

Spoiler Warning! This shows the whole levels.


Befitting the theme of the mod, here is a 8:33.67 speedrun by CapnClever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmJR41YLFdk