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Lego Keen
Mod-ingame-Lego Keen.png
Modded episodeKeen 1
ProtagonistCaptain Keen
Release date
Latest update2003-12-18
Discussion(s)PCKF Keen: Modding
Number of levels17
Secret levels1
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?No
New music?No
Downloadnewest (v1.1)
(7 votes)

Lego Keen is a Keen 1 mod created by Ilsoap. The levels are entirely built out of Lego blocks of various colors, and the sprites, including Captain Keen, look purposefully blocky as if they were Lego figures or blocks as well. It takes place at a huge model set up by Billy Blaze, who is presumably four years old, which would make this game chronologically predate the original Keen 1 by four years.

Lego Keen won the "Best Mod of an original Keen game" award in the 2003 Keen Awards.[1]


Christmas morning, 1986. Children across the world are opening Christmas presents and jumping for joy with what they find, and the Blaze household of Madison, Wisconsin is no exception.

"Wow, Dad, a professional-grade football! Thanks!" The oldest of the three Blaze children tosses his football in the air with joy. The youngest child is happy with her toys, too, although after five minutes she throws them to the ground and plays with the wrapping paper instead.

The middle Blaze child, however, looks sad. "What's wrong, Billy?" his mom asks.

"All I got were sweaters and socks." Billy says, grumpily.

"Are you sure you looked EVERYWHERE around the tree, Billy?" Billy looked up at his mom, who was supressing a small grin.

Billy came closer to the Christmas tree, and noticed a bow peeping out from behind the couch next to the tree. He crawled towards it as fast as he could, and pulled out the most enormous Christmas present he'd ever seen. He tore off the wrapping paper. "WOW! THE TURBO XL MAXIMUS 10,984 PIECE LEGO SET!!!"

"Well, your mom and I have been noticing your remarkable ability at building things, and so even though it says 'KIDS 6 AND UP' on the box, we think you can handle it."

"Awesome! I'm gonna start building stuff in my room right away!!!" Little Billy dragged the huge box into his room.

And build he did. Over the next month he created a miniature kingdom, complete with castles, walls, trees, rivers, and anything else he could think of. He called his kingdom "BLAZETOWN".

As he was placing people in his kingdom, he noticed a Lego character that was different than the others. Helmet, purple shirt, blue pants... something about it moved Billy. "I think Blazetown needs a hero. But not just any hero... no, a special hero! A super hero! You are that hero! I'll call you...

           CAPTAIN KEEN              
      Defender of Blazetown!"

Captain Keen's First Mission (by Billy Blaze)

The King of Blazetown was in a panic. "Captain Keen! You must help me! The princess of Blazetown is locked up in the palace of my enemy, Sir Icky! You must free her!"

"Piece of cake," said Captain Keen. "How do I free her?"

"You have to travel throughout Sir Icky's kingdom and find the four key gems! Once combined, you can go to the castle and unlock the door! But be careful, for Sir Icky has a big army of creatures that will try to stop you!"

"I am much more brave than Sir Icky. I will rescue the princess!" Captain Keen said. "Just one question, though. I just finished playing Super Mario Bros. a couple days ago, and this isn't going to be one of those 'Sorry, the princess is in another castle.' things, is it?"

"Nope." said the King. "She's actually there."

"Good. In that case, I will rescue the princess!"

Captain Keen flew in his rocketship to the evil island next to Blazetown, the island of Sir Icky.



  • Lego Keen - Plus Sign.png
    Plus Sign
    100 points.
  • Lego Keen - Minus Sign.png
    Minus Sign
    200 points.
  • Lego Keen - Division Sign.png
    Division Sign
    500 points.
  • Lego Keen - Multiply Sign.png
    Multiply Sign
    1,000 points.
  • Lego Keen - Pi (3.14).png
    Pi (3.14)
    5,000 points.
  • Lego Keen - Gems.png
    Gems required to finish the game.
  • Lego Keen - Keys.png
    Keys used to open doors.
  • Lego Keen - Pogo Stick.png
    Pogoing allows reaching otherwise inaccessible places.
  • Lego Keen - Weapon.png
    Five extra shots.


Level Pack

A level pack titled Lego Levels was made by the Keen Community and compiled by KeenRush in 2010.

Technical Information

  • Stand alone mod
  • Tileset: completely redone
  • Sprite animation frames: new
  • Story text: new, stand alone
  • Levels: 16 regular levels, 1 secret level, 1 normally inaccessible level (only accessed through cheats), 1 world map
  • Bugs: No known errors or bugs as of latest version (v1.0 had the infamous Lego figure in The Maze whose head was mistakenly set to kill Captain Keen)