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This is a list of easter eggs (intentionally hidden messages and functions) in Keen 3.

Candy Words

In some levels, words can be found written in the Standard Galactic Alphabet using candy as blocks to form the letters. For example, the letters "TH" can be found at the entrance of the first level, Vortiville, formed with burgers. Those letters are the initials of Tom Hall, the game designer.

Real-World References

Many of the level names in the island of New Vorticon refer to New York City boroughs and neighborhoods.

The level names in the Military Installation Island refer to real-world military installations in the United States:

  • Cape Canavorta: a reference to the Cape Canaveral space center
  • Fort Vox: though an unofficial name, it refers to Fort Knox
  • Fort Cavort: probably not a reference to an actual fort, but a play on the fact that the word "cavort" contains the word "vort."
  • Fort Vorta Bella: it is unclear where this derives from, although it is probably from the name "portabella", which refers to, among other things, a type of edible mushroom.



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