Operation Station Infiltration

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Operation Station Infiltration
Operation Station Infiltration.png
Mod-ingame-Operation Station Infiltration.png
Modded episodeSource code
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Latest update2023-03-14
Number of levels19
Secret levels1
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Some
New levels?Yes
New sounds?Yes
New music?Yes
Downloadnewest (v.1.4)
source code (v.1.4)
source code (v.1.0)
DOS16 sc (v.0.90)
(2 votes)
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Operation Station Infiltration is a source mod by Ceilick, programmed by Multimania, and the first mod to use the Omnispeak game engine. It is the second episode in a trilogy of levelpack style mods utilizing mostly the original graphics from Keens 4-6. Enjoy the nostalgic Keen 5 setting as you join Commander Keen on a mission that takes him aboard an Omegamatic-like space station.


After learning that the Bloogs are responsible for the kidnapping of his pet Yorp Spot, Commander Keen sets course for Fribbulus Xax. However, the planet is protected by the Shikadi's space station the Omegamatrix! Keen must disable the station in order to reach the planet.


Technical Information