Return of the Gaurdians

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Return of the Gaurdians
Modded episodeKeen 3
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Discussion(s)Keen: Modding
Number of levels16
Secret levels1
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?No
New music?No
(3 votes)
Other mods in this seriesKidnapped Keen,
Zapping the Zot

Return of the Gaurdians (sic) is a Keen 3 mod released by Ceilick in 2005.

Technical Information

  • The mod is part three of the Decree of the Scree Trilogy
  • Tileset: completely redone tileset with some graphics from other original Keen games
  • Sprite animation frames: completely redone, including a new Garg and a Bloog
  • Miscellaneous bitmaps: Full screen title and ending bitmap
  • Story text: new, sequel to Zapping the Zot
  • Levels: 15 regular levels, 1 secret level; 1 worldmap


Last time we left Commander Keen, he had escaped the exploding Shikadi ship, the Zot, and had been captured by three menacing Skree. Now, the Skree think Commander Keen is a clone, and Commander Keen is playing along. The Skree begin to lead him to a city. Keen's mind races, "What should I do?"

Finally, after careful planning, he did the instinctive thing.


Well, that takes care of them, thought keen. He marched into the small city and began to explore. Unsure of what to look for, he starts in an old building. Upon entering, Keen hears a familiar voice on the communicator radio.

"Commander Keen, are you there?"

It was the voice of one of the Gaurdians!

"Yes, I'm here gaurdian!" replied Keen.

"Keen, I have little time to talk. The Skree have captured the Gaurdians, and not just the ones from episode one, there are nine gaurdians. The others have been captured, and I am soon to follow. Now listen carefully, you must rescue us, you can do so by shooting the locks found on the various prisons we are held in. Be wary of the Skree and their allies!"

And with that, the transmission ended.

"I've got to rescue the Gaurdians!" said Keen, running out of the building.


You remember the four Gaurdians you saved in Kidnapped Keen, well now there's five more! The Skree have imprisoned them, so you'll have to save all nine. The Nine Gaurdians are:

  • Spin: A Gaurdian with a propeller.
  • Spy: A Gaurdian who floats on electric waves.
  • Spark: A Gaurdian with lightning antenna.
  • Grump: A Gaurdian that looks angry.
  • Iris: A Gaurdiann that looks like an eye.
  • Face: A Gaurdian that looks like a face.
Weed: A Gaurdian that looks like a flower.
Tangles: A Gaurdian in a stringy mess.
Fog: A Gaurdian that looks like a ghost.


In this mod you play in the M-Dimension, the home world of the Skree. You can finish a level by either going through the exit, or shooting a lock of a Gaurdian cage. There are several monsters that are developed out of original Keen monsters

  • Skree: You finally get to fight the infamous Skree! The Skree are very odd beings, they float around on a tentacle like body. They are very brave species, and always ready to fight. They can jump, and take one shot to kill. (Vorticon Grunt replacement"
  • Bloog Warrior: When the Skree allied themselves with the Bloogs, they found the Bloogs very clumsy creatures. So the Skree trained the Bloogs, and thus produced the Bloog Warrior! The Bloog warrior carries a heavily modified neural stunner, with the capability of shooting through walls! Uses the Bloog graphics but now has a gun (Meep replacement)
  • Shikadi Master: The Skree are also allies with the Shikadi. Watch out for the Shikadi Masters, they can't teleport, but they sure can shoot! Also they are deadly to touch. Doesn't move, uses tiles for graphics, shoots. (Right bullet replacement)
  • Garg Hunter: The Skree are also allies with the Gargs. The Skree specially train the Garg Hunters. While a normal Garg is slow unless charging, the Garg Hunter is always charging! Slightly redone Garg graphics, is a lot more dangerous (Youth replacement)
  • Xantern: The Xantern are dangerous creatures. They wear robes and have pumpkins for heads. Be careful when they shoot fire from their hands! They were allies with the Skree, but seem to be in uprise against them for some reason... (Vorticon Woman replacement)
  • Sprit: These are very dangerous insect like creatures. You can usually expect them around hills, though they can be found elsewhere. Watch out when they jump! (VortiNinja replacement)
  • Blurble: These little guys look like bubbles. And, like bubbles, pop very easily. Don't worry, they don't hurt you. (Foob replacement)

Level Maps

Spoiler Warning! This shows the whole levels.