The Four Golden Crystals

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The Four Golden Crystals
Mod-ingame-The Four Golden Crystals.png
Modded episodeKeen 1
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
HomepageUnfleexable Software
Number of levels16
Secret levels2
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?No
New music?No
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The Four Golden Crystals is a Keen 1 mod produced by Unfleexable and is the first and only episode of a planned trilogy known as The CartoonRealm.

Although all levels are there and it's possible to complete the game, the creator said he doesn't consider it as finished. The mod suffers from its poor level editing and isn't much fun to play.

It also contains a number of characters from the modder's comics and has odd, cartoonish graphics. It is one of the earlier mods and is reminiscent of ShadowKeen1 and 2 in that its creator has not yet got the hang of 16-color graphics.


As taken from the in-game story text:

3 years ago, Mortimer McMire swore to destroy the universe, but he actually planned on destroying the Earth just to get young Billy scared, but this time, he means it, and he has discovered over 6 billion planets in the galaxy, Imaganiene V MMIII, and had discovered that all of the planets are actually people's imaginations on each individual planet.

Mortimer McMire, being unsuccessful at finding his own planet, found somebody else's planet, and what did he see? Little cartoonish characters running around in tall buildings and simple graphics roaming the place.

Mortimer, picking up his Neutraliser, swore to destroy the planet if the characters had not obeyed him, And he has been successful, unaware though, some characters betrayed Mortimer and wanted to fight for good.

Commander Keen, was listening to some alien sitcoms (again!) and Commander Keen was getting bored, so he was changing the channel, and he heard Mortimer's voice! He said to Keen, "Hey Captain Clown! Drag your hide over to Imaganine V MMIII, and look for the planet Karudmahlgolilah because, my little friends are going to destroy the Universe!"

"What?!" gasped Commander Keen, and he jumped into the Bean-With-Bacon Megarocket quicker than it takes to learn to say "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

And when Commander Keen made it there, a ghost and a small grey creature ran over to the young hero. The ghost said, "My name's Silly, but forget the intro, Mortimer McMire is going to destroy our planet soon". "And the Universe!" the cute grey creature added. "By the way, my name's Zoodle" he continued.

"You need to get four golden crystals to create a Monstiece!" said Silly. "But why?" wondered Keen. "Because you can create a Putie and he can fight by your side!" said Zoodle. "A Putie?" asked Keen, "What's that?" asked Keen. "Well, for a guy that has an I.Q of 314, you sure are dumb!" said Silly. "Hey! I'm just new to this crazy planet!" whined Keen.



  • The Four Golden Crystals - Plain Brown Beadd.png
    Plain Brown Beadd
    100 points.
  • The Four Golden Crystals - Green Beadd.png
    Green Beadd
    200 points.
  • The Four Golden Crystals - Plain Brown Beadd (with bow).png
    Plain Brown Beadd (with bow)
    500 points.
  • The Four Golden Crystals - Blue Beadd.png
    Blue Beadd
    1,000 points.
  • The Four Golden Crystals - Gold Beadd.png
    Gold Beadd
    5,000 points.
  • The Four Golden Crystals - Golden Crystal.png
    Golden Crystal
    Four of these are required to finish the game.
  • The Four Golden Crystals - Keycards.png
    "Keycards" used to open doors.
  • The Four Golden Crystals - Neural Stunner.png
    Five extra shots.
  • The Four Golden Crystals - Pogo Stick.png
    Pogoing allows reaching otherwise inaccessible places (obtained upon entering the first level).


Technical Information

  • Part of the unfinished The CartoonRealm trilogy
  • Graphics: custom graphics by Unfleexable, with some taken and resized from the Galaxy games
  • Levels: 16 levels, 2 secret levels, 1 world map
  • Tools used (incomplete list): CKPatch
  • Known bugs: When the game is supposed to say "To be continued...", it instead says "Scor" and cuts off the text box quite a bit. The point values for the Green Beadd and Plain Brown Beadd with the bow are swapped in the in-game help text.