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Boolean value indicating whether a list of levels is present on the page or not.

Used for the KeenWiki:Data quality issues page so that a list can be shown of mods that don't have any level images.

The value is set automatically when Template:ModLevelList is used.

Pages using the property "Is using new level list"

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A Christmas Mod +true  +
A Matter of Minkcraft +false  +
A New Dope +true  +
A New Dope Levelpack +false  +
A Sham on Inishmort +false  +
A Very Keen Christmas +false  +
A.R.'s Keen 1 Levelpack +true  +
A.R.'s Puzzle Levelpack +true  +
Aarrgggh the Garg in: New Yorp City +false  +
Adurdin's 1st Levelpack +false  +
Adventures in the BWB Megarocket +false  +
Airefresco's Keen 1 Levelpack +true  +
Airefresco's Keen 2 Levelpack +false  +
Aliens Ate My Babysitter ...Again +false  +
Aliens vs. Keen +false  +
Ally's Mod +false  +
Ally's Mod II +false  +
Ally's Mod III +false  +
Ally's Mod IV +false  +
Another Helping of Veggies +true  +
Aqua Keen 1: Red Tide +false  +
Aqua Keen 2: Seas Will Cease +false  +
Aqua Keen 3: Doomsday: 12-21-12 +false  +
Armageddon 2: Pluto Burns +false  +
Art Pass Competition +false  +