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This page contains automated reports of articles that need to be fixed or updated in some manner. This page does not need to be edited - when the problems have been fixed it will update automatically.

Mod infoboxes

These mods have invalid or missing data in their infoboxes that needs to be corrected.

Missing level images

These mods have been updated to use the new style of listing levels, but they don't have any level images yet. These need to be generated and uploaded.

These mods either don't have images of their levels, or if they do they are using the older style. They should be changed to use Template:ModLevelList instead.

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Missing other images

These mods have been updated to the new style of actor list, but none of the actor images have been uploaded yet:


These pages are stubs. They need more information added to them. Once enough information has been added, remove the stub classification.

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