The Clones of Evil 1

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The Clones of Evil 1
Modded episodeKeen 1
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Discussion(s)Keen: Modding
Number of levels16
Secret levels0
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?Yes
New music?No
(2 votes)

The Galaxy of M is the first mod in Genius314's mod series, The Clones of Evil.

Technical Information


Commander Keen had just faced his greatest challenges, competing in a galactic gameshow race, defeating the guardians, and was tired of being a hero. He decided to relax by camping out under the stars. He noticed something unusual. A group of stars never seen before...

"What the?" said Keen, staring at a giant M shaped galaxy. "This must be the work of Mortimer McMire! His big ego makes him do this kind of stuff!"

So Keen rushed into his clubhouse, started the engine of the Bean-With-Bacon, and was soon blasting into the sky!

The giant M got closer and closer, and, despite all of his fear, Keen kept going. Soon, he started to notice small space stations floating around, and as he flew on, he also noticed several larger ones.

"Warning!" his newly installed computer in the BWB started to say that there was a force field preventing any escape.

Keen made an emergency landing to think about how to solve this at a space port.

"Co...mander...een!" Something was keeping the BWB's wideo phone system from functioning properly. "Comm...and...Keen! council...member!"

Quickly, Keen extended the antennae on the back of the ship and tried to get a better signal.

"Keen, this... is a Council... member... There is... a newly formed... galaxy... There is a... great evil force... coming from it!"

"Yes, I know!" replied Keen. "I'm already there!"

"This... is bad! You will... face great... danger if you... try to... stop them! To... escape... there might... be several... replacement items... that you could use... to increase... you ship's... power! However... you must be... warned! Don't... ever... EVER -"

The signal went dead.

"Oh, NO!" shouted Keen. "What can't I do?"

As Keen said this, a strange alien with a flaming head came around the corner.

"Sy..." he said into a communicator on his robotic arm. "I think you'd better send some troops down here! This looks-Aghh!!!"

Commander Keen blasted the robot with his stunner, and ran towards another station in the distance, just hoping, that he could find a way out...


  • Ammo for Neural Stunner: increase Keen's weapon ammo
  • Keycards: used to open doors
  • Mortimer Lollipop: 100 points
  • Mortimer Candy Bar: 200 points
  • Mortasoda: 500 points
  • Atom Munchy: 1000 points
  • M Fluffy Toy: 5000 points


Picture Name Shots Harmful Speed Replaces Description
Pyroporg 1 Yes 60/220 Garg A creature that is at least semi-mechanic. It has fiery hair and bionic arms, and it's easily enraged.
Syckicken 1 No 60 Yorp A bodyless energy being, that is propably powered by the psychic strength of Mortimer McMire. Their leader Syckick is a loyal follower of Mort. Fortunately the Syckicken aren't dangerous, and can easily be knocked out.
Mortimer Clone 1 Yes 90/120 Vorticon Guard A clone of the evil Mortimer McMire. It can be shot by a single blast, as other humans, but can jump as well as Keen himself. It's not armed, but will overpower Keen in a melee battle. Mort raises these in Cloning Tanks, as seen on the screen shot, once the Clone is ready it will free itself from that tank and hunt Keen.
Guard Clone 1 Yes 90 Tank Robot This is a special Mortimer Clone that is trained and armed with ranged weapons. It carries a neural stunner, but concentrates so much on shooting Keen that it won't jump around. It can also be killed like a normal human.
Syckling Immortal No 90 Butler Robot Small psychic beings that hop around patrolling random areas. The are probably spawns of Syckicken

Level Maps

Spoiler Warning! This shows the whole levels.