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This template displays information about a level in the form of a box. It is used as a template for Semantic MediaWiki queries, where the query results should be displayed as a list of levels complete with images.

  • Missing image
    Unnamed actor

Example use:

  • Butler Robot.png
    A nice little Martian robot that has trouble keeping his hat on. He is nice except for the fact that he usually pushes you off a platform to your death.
  • Fire Keen1.png
    Common traps that will burn heroes to death.
  • Garg.png
    A speedy green monster with two eyes on stalks, commonly found creeping out of tunnels.
  • Pat Pat.png
    Almost a kind of plant that opens and closes its "mouth" trying to chomp Keen if he comes too close. Similar to a Venus Fly Trap.
  • Tank Robot.png
    These robots exist to kill any intruders. Even friendly ones.
  • Vorticon.png
    A Vorticon Guard actually. Also appears as a Vorticon Commander.
  • Yorp.png
    A harmless, happy alien.